What you missed at the Cal Day concert

Chris Hewitt/Staff

For those of you who made it out to the Cal Day concert on Memorial Glade on Saturday, you most likely didn’t recognize either of the bands playing. There was the opening band, Sister Crayon, who threw it down hard for all the families and babies and dogs who made it early to the show. Side note: There were so many families and babies! It was unreal. Considering that every third or fourth word of Sister Crayon’s songs seemed to be a swear word, we at the Clog wouldn’t be surprised if a few of those toddler’s first words ends up being an expletive of some sort. Thank you, Sister Crayola. But we digress. Sister Crayon had a loud dub-step, synth-punk sound, and lyrics that suggested themes of “us versus them.” Yet, the lead singer confessed to the audience at one point that she was feeling at one with the audience, and also that she felt like a giant waterfall. But, we digress.

Built To Spill, the main event, came on next. Regardless of whether or not you had heard of them before the show (this particular reviewer had not), you probably had a great time listening to their set. They gave off a great sunny vibe, and the lead singer/guitarist had some great solos. The band didn’t talk too much to the audience, save for a few quick asides. Their sound was much more rock. Imagine Counting Crows’ vocals layered over generic upbeat indie rock guitars. Really, it sounded like a one-man show with backing session players more than anything else, as most songs seemed to just be a template for the lead singer/guitarist to play on top of, and there was little interaction between him and the rest of the band. Still, while the songs were all similarly upbeat, they were also similar sounding, and when the day was done we couldn’t be sure if we hadn’t just heard the same song about twenty times. Regardless, the show was free, so we can’t complain too much about that.

Talking to a few friends who were also at the concert, we agreed that the whole affair had a decidedly cheap festival vibe to it, or like a midday opener feel for a show later that night. Maybe in the future UC Berkeley could schedule a whole day of shows for Cal Day and host their own one-day festival. Just a thought. Overall, it was a very fun day on the glade, for the students, the families, the dogs and, of course, the babies.

From us at the Clog to you, we hope you had a great Cal Day!

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