A Coachella experience

Emilia Malachowski/Staff

While most people were partying for Cal Day, I went to Indio, California, with my friends for the first weekend of Coachella. Some guest appearances included Kanye, Rihanna, T.I., Skrillex, Lorde and Sam Smith, while headliners included Guns N’ Roses, Halsey, Jack U, Of Monsters and Men and G-Eazy.


Emilia Malachowski/Staff

Our hotel was located in Palm Springs, a 40-minute drive from the venue. The hotel was Spanish-styled with a red roof and cement stairs leading up to hotel rooms on the second floor. Each of the incredibly warm mornings we left and crossed the street to where the shuttle buses were waiting. The bus, filled with about 40 people, drove through the desert up until we hit a large, seemingly barren field where the venue was.

There wasn’t much to do in Palm Springs itself, because most of the population are retirees. Each street was filled with either resorts or vacation houses with giant pools. A local told us that Palm Springs gets about 350 days of sunshine a year, with only about 2 inches of rain. The air was super dry, which explained the many ice cream stores.


Emilia Malachowski/Staff

At Coachella, there were around 90,000 people, which made each different tent and stage full at all times of the day. During EDM or trap shows, sometimes the area around the stage turned into a mosh pit because of the immense amount of humans. The huge numbers of people also made it extremely hot, making many people dehydrated and explaining the high price of water bottles at the venue. Despite it all, it was still amazing to look through the smoke and lights and see thousands of hands moving in the same direction simultaneously.


Emilia Malachowski/Staff

The sun set each night to the right of the huge ferris wheel, filling the main stage with red light. This stage was also where Calvin Harris closed the show on Day Three. In the sky, huge strobes of light met up in the center of the sky so it looked like the entire field was in a tent of light. The field was filled with art as well, including a “Besame Mucho” sign made out of flowers and four large yellow chairs.


Emilia Malachowski/Staff

Louis the Child was one of the first performers, and his show included many colorful lights that matched on all of the screens to create one moving image. He performed in Sahara Tent, which is one of the stages underneath a tent. The enclosed stage made the lasers and flashing lights much more drastic, and with each bass drop the entire crowd jumped up and down at the same time. Many people crowd-surfed, and girls danced on top of boys’ shoulders during the most popular songs.


Emilia Malachowski/Staff

Despite the ridiculous prices, dehydration and long shuttle bus lines, Coachella was one of the most wonderful, indescribable weekends. The fact that 90,000 people with the same taste in music came together for three days made the atmosphere one in which strangers complimented each other and artists couldn’t stop smiling while performing.

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