Berkeley police arrest suspect associated with double shooting case

Berkeley police arrested a suspect connected with an attempted double murder case early Tuesday morning.

44 year old Anthony Burton was found sleeping in the driver’s seat of the car linked with the murder case by a Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy, according to a Berkeley Police Department crime alert.

At about 3:30 a.m., the deputy had inspected a 2008 Mazda 5 parked outside of a Denny’s restaurant in Sacramento after receiving a notification from his car’s Automated License Plate Reader.

Burton was arrested on a Berkeley police arrest warrant and taken into custody. Later Tuesday morning, detectives from Berkeley Police Department’s Homicide Detail arrived at the Sacramento County Jail, where the suspect was detained, and booked him into the City of Berkeley Jail on two counts of attempted murder.

The suspect was arrested in connection with an incident on March 16, when Berkeley police received multiple reports of shots fired on the 3100 block of Tremont Street. At the scene, BPD officers had found a male victim with multiple gunshot wounds, and later discovered that another female victim had been transferred to a local hospital suffered a gunshot wound to her head.

Both victims, according to the crime alert, will likely endure long-term disabilities or medical complications as a result of their injuries.

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