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Quiz: What should you wear in the warm weather?

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APRIL 20, 2016

With a little help from El Niño, the bay has gotten hot and spicy this past week as temperatures continue to rise into the low 80s. At the Clog, we believe it’s never too early to start thinking about the next best thing to pair with your noticeably decreasing amount of clothing. Here’s a little quiz to help you figure out the best accessory for your fun in the sun.


  1. What’s your favorite BBQ side dish?
    1. Mac ‘n’ cheese
    2. Potato salad
    3. Watermelon
    4. There is no side-bae to meat.
  2. What would you normally be caught doing on Memorial Glade?
    1. Laying in a hammock I tied between trees hours ago
    2. Avoiding all the bugs and bees while simultaneously getting hit by a frisbee or football
    3. Eating whatever food I brought with me and/or pulling up my sleeves to avoid a farmer’s tan
    4. Throwing a frisbee or football with a group of friends
  3. Pick a Sacha Baron Cohen movie.
    1. Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
    2. The Dictator
    3. Brüno
    4. The Brothers Grimsby
  4. Warmth is to sun as style is to _____.
    1. Addidas
    2. Uggs
    3. Tevas
    4. Clarks
  5. “There is only one way to _____”
    1. parallel park.
    2. get a good spot in MLK.
    3. make lemonade from lemons.
    4. fit your fist into your mouth.
  6. Pick a childhood trap remix.
    1. “I’m the Map” by Cornbeefsoup
    2. “Krusty Krab” by Eugene The Dream
    3. “Nintendo Mii Music” by All That Swag
    4. “Caillou” by Attic Sun
    1. You should try a fanny pack. You’re a practical individual who knows that a bulky backpack is just too much of a hassle to carry in the sun. Plus, have you ever needed to carry more than some spare change, a day’s supply of tic-tacs and a .5 lead pencil?
    2. You’re a bit confused as to how to adapt to the new weather patterns, so you should wear some legwarmers. At least you’ll still always be a maniac dancing like you’ve never danced before.
    3. Try wearing a pinwheel hat. You might not have been waiting for the sun all your life, but you’ve definitely been waiting for the fun. The time has finally come to justify your impulse purchase from years ago as a great way to shield your face from the sun.
    4. The warm weather is the perfect time to bring out your assless chaps. You know it’s getting just a little too hot for pants, but you still can’t let go of your winter fashion completely. So grab a pair of assless chaps to keep your legs looking hot while letting in a nice breeze to keep you cool.


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APRIL 20, 2016