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How to find a last-minute summer internship

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APRIL 21, 2016

Has procrastination gotten the best of you? Are you freaking out because you haven’t found the perfect summer internship yet? Don’t worry. Your fellow classmates who already have five internships lined up since December may claim that it’s too late to look for any internships at this point, but there are still many opportunities available. If you’re willing to put in the time to write your cover letters, polish your resumes and seek out these opportunities, you can definitely still find a desirable internship.

Go to the UC Berkeley Career Center

The Career Center’s office is located on Bancroft Avenue, right across from the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union. You have to make an appointment in order to see an adviser, but it’s super easy! You just have to go on the website and take few minutes to schedule an appointment. The advisers are usually very helpful and will do everything they can to help you find an internship that you’ll be excited about.

Use Callisto or other internship search sites

Although it may seem like a chore to register for an account on Callisto, once you’ve done it, you are presented with hundreds of internship opportunities in all kinds of professional fields. Callisto is updated very frequently, so you should not have trouble finding a last-minute internship. You can also put your information on its Resume Books, and employers will contact you with fitting job opportunities. There are also several other prominent internship search sites you can easily find using Google.

Contact employers directly

Send mass emails to every single company that you are interested in! The more emails you send, the more employers will get back to you. Of course, remember to tailor your email to the specific position you are seeking or company you are looking at. Although it may seem discouraging at first when you don’t hear back from a lot of them, we at Clog can assure you that you will be offered opportunities from at least one or two of the ones you are interested in! It may seem daunting at first, but your dedication will pay off in the long run!

Take up a local part-time job

If all else fails, be a waitress at your favorite restaurant or a bartender at your local bar! Even if these jobs may have nothing to do with your career path, you will soon realize that any work experience (within the realms of social ethics, of course), no matter how menial it may seem, will be a valuable asset to your future professional career. You can write about the experiences you gained from your part-time job and how it affected or changed you as a person in the cover letter of your next job application!

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APRIL 20, 2016