What did Oski do on Cal Day?

Cynthia Raffe/File
Cynthia Raffe/File

Cal Day was a memorable day for everyone, including our beloved mascot Oski. With so much happening on and around campus, the question is, what did Oski actually do on this year’s Cal Day? We at the Clog were determined to find out, and here’s what we found.

Oski was up early for the chancellor’s welcome at Memorial Stadium. Though he was ecstatic to welcome all the new students,  8 a.m. was a little too early for him to wake up, and he found himself dozing off. He was, however, woken up by the Cal Band as they marched through North Tunnel and onto the field. That was when Oski decided to join Cal Band. He took the first instrument he saw, and decided to try high stepping alongside the band. But he soon got bored and found high stepping to be difficult with his bear belly. So he ran off, instrument in tow.

Next, Oski decided to check out all the campus activities! He wove through all the tables and booths on Sproul and offered many enthusiastic waves and high fives to anyone who wasn’t too afraid of him. He found that his baritone was effective in blocking away the sun.

Soon, Oski found himself overwhelmed by all the activity on campus. He also noticed that many people on Sproul were annoyed of him asking to borrow their phones (he just wanted to take selfies!), so Oski headed to Greek Row, where people were more appreciative of his photography skills. He skipped onto Channing circle and let himself into the loudest party he could find. He had a great time! As he danced with enthusiastic, red-cheeked students, he found that his baritone made a great funnel for whatever liquid these students wanted to drink.

While the festivities on Greek Row were exciting, Oski soon got tired of hearing “Get Low,” and decided to explore other things. As he stumbled over to the Recreational Sports Facility, he came across a bus filled with Cal Bandsmen! He hitched a ride with no idea where the bus was headed off to. He ended up at UC Davis and was dragged into the Battle of the Bands. 

Later, he rode a bike, saw some cows and found UC Davis to be relatively uninteresting. He thought of UC Berkeley and Cal Day, wishing to be back. While exploring new places was fun, Oski realized that his true home was with his fellow golden bears. He loves skipping through Sather Gate, cheering on his favorite teams in his signature gold sweater and being the face of his favorite college campus.
Oski’s Cal Day adventure made him realize how much he loves UC Berkeley. Oski may be a bear, but he is truly one of us: We all bleed blue and gold. 

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