How to prepare for the end of the semester

Elizabeth Klingen/Staff

Sometimes life in Berkeley all gets so overwhelming and it feels like you can’t keep up. With RRR Week about two weeks away, things may seem to be moving too quickly to process. If you’re keeping up just fine, keep doing what you’re doing and take further motivation in crossing out days left until summer finally hits. But if you’re not getting enough sleep at night thinking about how to pull your grade one letter grade up or how you’re going to possibly manage catching up with the workload that seemed to magically pile up, remember that you’re not alone and that nothing is impossible if you’re willing to beat it by working hard.

Stress is a killer. The first thing to do is to stop overthinking and throwing yourself into a downward spiral that’s only going to mentally disrupt you. This is obviously easier said than done, and it will take time, but tell yourself to never give up. Put sticky notes or timed alarms that give you pieces of little inspiration or notes of good vibes. Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk — it’s a powerful cathartic release, we promise. When you’re sleeping at night, try focusing on your breath and going into a state of mindfulness and mental relaxation. This method is a way to deter yourself from thinking about negative thoughts that might waste the precious time that you’ve set aside for resting. You could try doing this in the morning, as well, to boost your productiveness in the beginning of the day with a clear state of mind.

Apart from mental preparedness, try going to new spots to rid yourself of the places that previously inhibited your efficiency at getting work done. Maybe the library that you’ve been accustomed to going to isn’t one that fits your style — try out a hidden one, such as the Music Library or the Philosophy Library. Check out cafes in and around campus. Find a spot in the Eucalyptus Grove or the west side of campus. Clean up your room, re-arrange your desk in an orderly fashion and study in your own workspace. Finding a study spot may seem overrated, but placing yourself in a space that correlates to positive energy can be absolutely conducive to your studying productivity.

Additionally, do the things that your parents have always told you to do. Eat well, sleep well, manage to get some exercise if you can and stay calm. Stress may be a monster, but we could be the heroes.

So sometimes when it all gets so overwhelming, tell yourself to just keep swimming and that you’ll be OK.

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