Things you won’t miss about the dining halls

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Eating in the dining halls has its perks. You don’t have to cook the food or pay for it really (because who counts meal points as real money, right?). You’re bound to find someone you know, so you never have to eat alone. And, of course, late night is always an option when you have those weekday munchies. But there are definitely some things about the dining commons that will not be missed this summer

The worst part about Crossroads is the ever-present smell of fish. Not only is the smell basically unbearable, but the fish is either drenched in sauce, bone dry or tough to chew. If we could declare any food as the worst, it would definitely be the tilapia, which seems to be a staple at Crossroads.

Aside from fish, dining halls also seem to love food with Asian influences. We at the Clog are all for some good pho or ramen, however, we could definitely do without Cafe 3’s kimchi fried rice wraps and Foothill’s tofu stir fry. It’s nice that the dining commons attempt to have diverse food options, and generally orange chicken is pretty good. But unfortunately, even Clark Kerr’s version of these dishes leave those brave enough to try them with a stomach ache.

One would think that the mediocre food itself would drive people away, yet somehow, there always seems to be a line through the door of at least one of the dining halls. The long line is enough to drive anyone crazy, but to have to wait for food that you know is mediocre just seems unfair. You have to wait to be swiped in, wait for the one thing that looks kinda OK and wait for someone to leave so you can have a table to yourself. We must say, there’s just too much waiting involved for eating to be enjoyable.

And finally, the last thing that we won’t particularly miss is the fact that there is never enough silverware at any dining hall. Every dining hall seems to be perpetually out of forks. Forget how unremarkable the food is, the fact that there is nothing to eat it with makes it just that much more unappealing. The lack of silverware and dishes is enough to give you a headache and make you never want to eat at the dining halls again.

All of this aside, the dining halls are definitely a necessity. Your UC Berkeley experience is not complete without a daily slice of Crossroads pizza, a waffle with “Cal” stamped in the middle and the frustration that comes with the broken yogurt machine in Cafe 3. While they may be frustrating, the dining halls are a significant part of the college experience. How else would you get chocolate chip pancakes at 11 p.m.?

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