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APRIL 29, 2016

With the semester rolling to an end and summer about to begin in two weeks, what other time could possibly be more well suited to finally gather that courage to ask that person you’ve been crushing on to go on a date? This is also a great time to show your significant other that your connection didn’t fizzle away. Plus, it’d be a great stress reliever from the hell that’s about to ensue during RRR week. We at the Clog sat down to come up with a quick list of spring date spots that will help you show that special someone how important they are.

  1. Sit outside Free Speech Movement Cafe. Get right into the mood for gearing up and being productive for finals by asking your crush out on a study date right outside FSM. Plus, this is a great excuse to keep your date simple and dial down the intensity. Grab your books, sip some coffee, sneak in a couple selfies with squirrels and share some laughter.
  1. Head to Downtown. Our college campus has one of the most endearing downtown areas ever. Take advantage of that and go on a stroll Downtown on some evening this week. Visit Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, walk to places you haven’t been before, treat yourselves to a fancy dinner or some good ol’ froyo, stop by at the Eucalyptus Grove on your way home and have a perfect date.
  1. Relax in the Berkeley Rose Garden. Located uphill on Euclid Avenue, the Berkeley Rose Garden literally is all about the spirit of love and simplicity. If you’re lucky enough to get there on a clear day, you can even see the Bay. Take your date to this enchanted garden, have a casual photo shoot and walk on the ivy-covered paths. We promise you will not be disappointed.
  1. Stroll along College Avenue in Elmwood. Elmwood reminds us of a rather secret, quaint little town that has everything you would ever need to have a wonderful time. Check out the cute eateries such as Elmwood Cafe and Summer Kitchen, then peek your head in the bits and bobs shops such as Treehouse. Take a walk down College Avenue, watch a throwback movie in a retro setting at Rialto Cinemas, grab some all-famous ice cream at Ici and dine at one of the several restaurants offered by Elmwood.
  1. Travel to Emeryville or El Cerrito Plaza. If you’re really feeling like you want to get out of Berkeley, never fear, we have just the thing for you. Take a bus, Uber or a quick BART ride to either Emeryville or El Cerrito Plaza. Bond over the journey there and, once there, expect to take several minutes to finally decide where you want to eat — there are plenty of options to keep you going.
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APRIL 29, 2016