Top 25 nightmare finals scenarios

Nicole White/File

While we do have RRR week to prepare for finals, there’s a lot of anxiety about finals here at UC Berkeley. The material itself is hard enough as is, but we tend to worry about things that haven’t happened yet. What if you oversleep the morning of your 8 a.m. final? What if you end up freezing up during your exams? It may seem like a million things could go wrong during finals week. We at the Clog have compiled a list of 25 nightmare finals scenarios that we hope don’t happen to you.

  1. Waking up late for a final and not getting to the exam slot on time.
  2. Not realizing the professor switched final exam rooms from Dwinelle to Latimer.
  3. Eating a full breakfast the morning of the final and succumbing to a food coma.
  4. Forgetting to bring a Scantron, pencil, pen, eraser or Blue Book.
  5. Getting sick during finals week.
  6. Oversleeping for two hours instead of taking a five-minute nap right before an exam.
  7. Having back to back-to-back finals on the very last day of finals week.
  8. Knowing that you didn’t study at all, so you’re just ready for your impending doom.
  9. Turning in the take-home final two minutes late on bCourses.
  10. Not being able to answer a 10-part question worth 40 percent of the exam.
  11. Passing out during the exam out of sheer exhaustion.
  12. Finding out that the curve wasn’t in your favor.
  13. Spending such a long time in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union that you’ve driven away people, repulsed by your stench from not showering for days.
  14. Leaving out your name on your exam on accident.
  15. Running out of time and ripping your exam booklet on accident from frantically scribbling on it.
  16. Looking at the exam and realizing you studied for a completely different final.
  17. Your significant other breaking up with you right before a final.
  18. Blanking out on an exam you studied all of RRR week for.
  19. Every cafe within a 50-mile radius of campus running out of coffee.
  20. Forgetting that there’s a backside to an exam.
  21. Writing a final 10-page paper and hitting writer’s block halfway through it.
  22. Injuring yourself rolling down 4.0 Hill in preparation for the final.
  23. Oski showing up at the final.
  24. What final? Not knowing that you had a final to take for a class.
  25. Missing the final completely.

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