Editors’ note: Graduation 2016

Franchesca Spektor/File

UC Berkeley’s seniors have seen a tumultuous last several years.

Throughout their journeys, the students of this university have often sought to learn in unconventional ways — amidst a campus that is in many ways reimagining its educational and public mission. We’ve witnessed outpourings of activism connected to campus sustainability, the Black Lives Matter movement and the university’s treatment of sexual misconduct, demonstrating that many of our students seek to learn beyond the confines of a classroom.

We’ve seen the public nature of our university called into question as the campus forms partnerships with private businesses and tuition is threatened to rise. And we’ve seen students continue to produce ground-breaking research and throw themselves into learning and teaching others, even though succeeding at this school isn’t always easy.

Whatever you’ve done here, whatever you’ve witnessed, wherever you’ll go — you’ve made it.

Roll out, you Bears.

— Katy Abbott, 2015-2016 managing editor and Melissa Wen, 2016 editor in chief and president 

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