Post-finals to-do list

We at the Clog are all too aware of the crushing pressure of our finals week “to-do” lists. Somehow you need to relearn an entire semester’s worth of information for four classes in a too-short amount of time, in addition to getting some semblance of sleep. The list of things you need to study is probably never ending. But salvation is near and we want to remind you of that. There’s a better, much simpler to-do list on the way. Your post-finals to-do list is not about GPA, your future or anything of the sort.  It’s about taking care of you.

To-do after last final:

  1. Relax, breathe and remind yourself that you did it.
  2. Finally close all the tabs in your browser that you had open for studying.
  3. Go to Main Stacks again … to check out a book for fun.
  4. Recycle all of your study notes and flashcards or host a bonfire.
  5. Get a minimum of 10 hours of sleep. Don’t get up before 10 a.m. Repeat this for at least a week.
  6. Blast your favorite playlist or album and just enjoy listening to it for once, instead of playing it as background music as you study.
  7. Do some summer cleaning — get rid of the piles of takeout leftovers from finals week, donate the old clothes that are cluttering your space and rearrange or redecorate your room to make it feel fresh and new.
  8. Take a really long shower or bath, because you have nowhere you need to be.
  9. Make a headway in that never ending list of TV series and movies that people have been telling you to watch.
  10. Actually call your parents — it’ll be nice to hear friendly voices and they probably miss you.
  11. Do not leave your bed for an entire day. Put in a catheter and make your frankly very unhappy roommate bring you food.
  12. Spend time with your friends that’s not sitting across from each other in Wurster Hall, making faces at each other as you sift through your notes.
  13. Eat a non-microwaved meal — maybe you can even make it yourself.
  14. Go see a movie in theaters. Buy the biggest popcorn and take advantage of that free refill.
  15. Actually wear something other than the sweatpants and pajamas you’ve been living in since RRR week began. It’ll help you to feel refreshed.
  16. Finally practice the self care that you’ve been saying you will for the past months and take a step back from all your finals-related stress. Go for a run, put on a face mask, exfoliate for the first time in weeks or finally get that much needed pedicure.

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