Things we take for granted at home

Crystal Zhong/Staff

Summer break 2k16 has finally arrived, and already most of us are lazing around at home. Whether you’re staying for a short week or the entire three months, home offers many comforts that we’ll quickly grow used to once again and take for granted. While the excitement of being liberated from college may be temporary, don’t be that person who forgets to really appreciate these comforts until the final days of break. We at the Clog have put together a list of things to take notice of early on while you relax at your humble abode.

  1. Your own bed. There’s nothing like sleeping on your own mattress with clean comforters, pillows and bed sheets. Some of you are too shy to admit it but you relish in the comforts that your beloved stuffed animals offer as well.
  2. Alarm-less sleeps. Thank goodness all those 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. classes are over. Home is where you’re able to sleep until the sun has risen and passed the midpoint in the sky and not feel guilty about it. Despite what time you might have fallen asleep at the night before, you know you’ll be okay because there are no academic commitments you’re tied to. Extra brownie points for no annoying alarms set by sleepy roommates to wake you mid REM cycle.
  3. Home-cooked meals. No more residence hall food, attempts at half-cooked meals or expensive takeout. At home, you’re pampered and nursed for, just like you’re back in elementary school again. You suddenly realize and admit that cup of noodles isn’t actually real food. Never again will you take your mom or dad’s cooking for granted.
  4. Stocked pantries and endless amounts of food. Home is the place where you’ll never starve. Along with that delicious home-cooked food, there are also cabinets and drawers full of snacks awaiting your summer bod to give in to.
  5. Quarterless laundry. No more necessary runs to the bank for rolls of quarters. You can finally do your laundry for free at home without worrying about running out of quarters for the dryer.
  6. Your own bathroom. One of the greatest perks of being at home is that you don’t need to share the bathroom with a whole floor of other students or your housemates. You can finally do your business in peace and quiet. No need for lines and bathroom schedules or coping with someone else’s dirty habits.
  7. Air conditioning. That thing that only exists at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union and some other random buildings across campus is finally available to you 24/7 at home. While it may be very #firstworldproblems, you know you’re prepared and ready to survive the great heat the summer sun may bring.
  8. Family. A great change from college, where you may feel homesick more often than not.
  9. Your pets who you love and adore, and who love and adore you.
  10. Peace, quiet and solitude.

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