Why your dog is the ultimate homie

Gillian Perry/Staff

The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day to do everything or nothing — the beauty of summer! But it’s no fun to do summer things all by yourself. All of your Berkeley pals are back home, and to be honest, you’re already sick of your hometown friends — so who’s left? Look no further than the slobbery, cuddly furball who’s always eager to be your friend (especially if you have food).

Your dog will always be down for whatever you want to do. Want to sit on the couch all day? He’ll cuddle with you. Want to go outside and enjoy the sun? PLEASE take him with you! All your dog wants is to be with you, and he will happily accompany you anywhere he’s allowed. An additional bonus is the fact that he can never verbally complain about your choices and will generally be supportive of any place you choose to go, even if it is just to the fridge.

Hanging with your dog will also force you to be active. Working out can be the absolute worst, especially in sweltering heat with the summer sun beating down your neck.  But a furry companion suffering alongside you can make it all worth it. Running, hiking or just strolling with your pup will get you outdoors and can be a good way to tire you both out. It’s much better than going stir crazy and a great way to appreciate the nice weather.

If it’s too hot to be outside, your dog is also your best bud for just chillin’. He’ll never criticize your Netflix choices or steal your favorite spot on the couch. Also, he’s always down for a nap, considering he’s used to sleeping all day anyway. Even if he tries to snag your snacks, you’re the hand that feeds him and, therefore, ultimately in control, no matter how much he drools. If you need a day lazing around, you can count on your dog to be there for you.

If you find yourself in need of human companionship, your dog can also be a huge help. There are very few people who would say “no” to hanging with your dog, and quite honestly, dogs are often the highlights of social gatherings and parties. Starting texts with, “Want to come play with my dog?” will nearly guarantee a positive response. Also, if your dog is a people pleaser, he’ll love the extra attention, so it’s an equal tradeoff. Another bonus is that  dogs are generally very photogenic. Your friends will love having a prop to boost their social media prowess. Who doesn’t love getting a dog snap?

People can be dramatic, exhausting and sometimes a little too much to deal with over the summer. In order to fully experience the amazing weather and all the down time that comes along with summer, you need to utilize your pup to the fullest degree. Whether it’s napping on the couch or hiking along the beach, your dog is the ultimate companion for all things sun and fun.

Love from the Clog and our dogs to you and yours.

Gillian Perry/Staff

Gillian Perry/Staff

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