Finals in, Cal gear on

For those who don’t enjoy the convenience of living in the Bay Area, the TSA line at SFO or Oakland airport on the way home from break can seem like a bookstore catalog for the latest Cal gear. It seems to us that this sudden influx of Golden Bear spirit after the stress of finals is no coincidence. Once finals are turned in and the spring semester has come to a close, it suddenly becomes a lot more appealing to wear Cal gear.

Here are our theories as to why it’s way cooler to wear Cal gear during summer break:

We work hard, we deserve some recognition.

Sometimes it seems that wearing a UC Berkeley shirt at home might as well translate to “I’m smart.” Even though here at Berkeley, we pride ourselves on being humble and modest, we can’t help but show our spirit. Why shouldn’t we? Plus what’s the fun in wearing Cal gear around campus… we all got in! And it’s always fun when that random stranger blurts “Go Bears” at you in the supermarket.

Because the hell is over. 

It’s pretty safe to say, many students aren’t the biggest fans of UC Berkeley come finals season. Many of us complain and question our choice of attending the top public university in the world — or was it universe? — and aren’t the happiest campers. Once finals are over, and we make it out to the other side, many look back at RRR week and finals and think, “Eh… it wasn’t too bad.” In that moment, our Golden Bear pride recharges, and we’re so overcome with excitement to be a part UC Berkeley that we just throw on our entire game day wardrobe. Go Bears!

We can’t let go… 

“Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day plays in the background.

Once we take down all the photos on the wall, pack up our last belongings and return to our “real” lives, we realize that we miss everything about Berkeley even after the misery of finals week. We find comfort in the simple act of wearing any piece of clothing that reminds us of our fond memories at school, and we can’t part with the idea of belonging to something bigger.

It’s just a coincidence.   

It’s distinctly possible that this is merely a coincidence, but it’s fun to dream.


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