Igor Tregub files to run for Rent Stabilization Board

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Igor Tregub, vice chair of the Housing Advisory Commission, filed to run for the Rent Stabilization Board on Monday.

The board holds elections every two years, with four seats open during election years and five seats open during non-election years. A candidate is only legally allowed to serve two four-year terms.

Tregub was nominated by Berkeley community members to a pro-tenant slate at a tenant’s convention Apr. 24 along with Christina Murphy, Leah Simon-Weisberg and Alejandro Soto-Vigil.

“I am incredibly heartbroken about the massive amounts of displacements in this community that I call home — there is an unprecedented housing crisis that we are facing,” Igor said. “When a number of members of the community whom I trust and respect asked me to run again, I could not let these people down.”

Tregub, who lost his re-election bid as a rent board commissioner in 2012, continues to serve as the vice chair of both the Berkeley Housing Advisory Commission and the Zoning Adjustments Board.

“I will take all that wisdom and knowledge that I have to be an even more effective public servant, should I be elected this year,” Igor said.

Tregub stressed the importance of enhancing outreach to Berkeley residents in order to maximize the board’s potential to serve the Berkeley community. He said he intends to work with landlords and tenants to ensure that the Berkeley community members — especially students, senior citizens and those with disabilities — receive valuable information regarding their rights as tenants.

Current rent board commissioner Soto-Vigil, who has again been nominated for the position, supports Tregub’s candidacy because he said that Tregub is an advocate for tenants and their protection.

“He is a valuable asset to this community as an elected official,” Soto-Vigil said. “I look forward to working with him again on the rent board.”

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