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Quick and dirty guide to student organizations

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MAY 27, 2016

It’s difficult to wrap your head around all the new, unique opportunities you’ll be exposed to when you come to UC Berkeley. You might be hella overwhelmed. We get it. The Daily Californian feels you. It’s one thing to choose your classes and start your path toward that ever-coveted fancy piece of paper, but it’s quite another to actually do it. Considering which student organizations you’ll want to join might be the last thing on your fresh, anxious, stressed out Berkeley brain! Luckily, we at the Daily Cal compiled a list of some of the coolest, most easily accessible organizations, along with the quick-and-dirty on why and how you should join!

BareStage Productions

What is it?: A student-organized theatrical production company that runs a full season of musicals and both classical and contemporary straight plays.

Why should I care?: This is for anybody who wants to try their hand at any aspect of theater. You can perform in a single play and never go back or stay involved in every production for all your years at Cal.

How do I join?: BareStage has an open meeting at the beginning of every semester to announce its season and audition dates. You can also simply reach out through its website for information on audition dates and manager contact information.


What is it?: The Berkeley Student Cooperative is a nonprofit that runs the co-ops, alternative student housing that’s generally pretty unique to Berkeley.

Why should I care?: Affordable. Social. The co-ops are unlike most social living opportunities out there. You can be involved in the co-ops however you’d like. Some people choose to live in one and some just board at a house, receiving meals, contributing to the house and participating in social events.

How do I join?: Apply as early as possible for summer or fall after you leave the residence halls. If you’d like to apply to board this semester, simply reach out through email or go in person to the BSC office, located on Northside.

UC Rally Committee

What is it?: A student spirit club that makes sure everybody is filled with school spirit for Cal sporting events, among other things.

Why should I care?: Rally Committee keeps your finger on the pulse of all things Cal, and you get to go to games and support all of our school’s teams along with other equally spirited students.

How do I join?: Just go to a meeting, pay your dues and you’re in!


What is it?: A student group that organizes concerts, films and other media on and around the Berkeley campus.

Why should I care?: SUPERB puts on the coolest events. Some of them are free. You’ll be in on all the coolest art and culture going on in the UC Berkeley community.

How do I join?: Apply online at the beginning of any semester with a resume and a set of department preferences.

BAMPFA Student Committee

What is it?: The student committee responsible for organizing events for the newly opened Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

Why should I care?: This committee is majorly hip. You’ll put on diverse, interesting events. Creatives are wanted!

How do I join?: There are applications at the start of each semester through its website.

Berkeley Forum

What is it?: Exactly what it sounds like, the forum sets up forums to discuss ideas and issues of all manner, shape and size. Members facilitate forum events, develop skills in leadership and critical discourse, and engage personally with brilliant, famous world thinkers one on one.

Why should I care?: You make really smart, good friends of your fellow forum members. The forum itself is a great place for anybody starved for brainy debate. Plus, you get to actually meet famous smart people and engage them on issues you care about.

How do I join?: The application process, run semester to semester, is lengthy. You must undergo an application and two interviews, one of which includes a written test portion. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t get in the first semester you apply!


What is it?: Part of the larger Rotary International program, Cal Rotaract is Berkeley’s premier service organization. Members engage in public service projects and collaborate on meaningful work for the betterment of the world.

Why should I care?: This club is perfect for anybody interested in doing meaningful, immediate work on behalf of both the Berkeley community and the global community.

How do I join?: Just fill out an application and start showing up to meetings! Easy!


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JUNE 02, 2016