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Thoughts you have when revisiting high school

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MAY 27, 2016

No matter how many years it’s been since you graduated from high school, the majority of us have found ourselves revisiting these old, familiar grounds for many reasons. For some of us, these visits stem from nostalgic, bittersweet memories of old friends, while others miss the teachers that nurtured and taught them to grow into the people they are today. Nevertheless, as we revisit our adolescent years, it’s inevitable that we’ll feel out of place. Is it because we’re college students now? Here are the thoughts we at the Clog had when revisiting high school.

  1. Why am I here again?
  2. Aww, I miss high school — the good old days.
  3. It’s just like I never left.
  4. Who visits school on break?
  5. OMG is that. … Nah, it can’t be — they should’ve graduated already. Maybe it is. … Nah. Wow, I’m really getting old.
  6. When did these new buildings come in? Why’d the high school get so nice after we left?
  7. Wow, the high school has really dropped a lot of dough on beautifying its scenery.
  8. Where’d all the trees go?
  9. I don’t even know anyone here.
  10. Aw, this is where we used to eat lunch.
  11. Is it nutrition right now?
  12. Were seniors always this tall? Were freshmen always this small?
  13. Oh my gosh, what are they wearing that they think they can call it fashion?
  14. Do students have nothing to do but look at their phones during break?
  15. Do I look too old to be here? Should I leave? But I still have to visit my favorite teachers.
  16. Ah, I remember these snack booths. Those cookies were overrated. Oh my god, they upped the prices by so much. It costs as much as the dining hall food — definitely not worth it.
  17. Oh my gosh, that scared me. Yup, the Campanile definitely beats these school bells.
  18. I haven’t pledged my allegiance in so long. Where even is the flag?
  19. I miss these announcements. I need people to keep me accountable of what’s going on.
  20. It’s already prom this weekend? That was definitely a memorable night.
  21. Ugh. I still can’t believe their technology is so much more advanced than what we use at college.
  22. Hah. I remember this classroom.
  23. How many detentions did we receive for being tardy again?
  24. Oh my goodness, this club still exists? I thought it ceased to exist after my year.
  25.  Oh! It’s the principal. I wonder if he still remembers me. Just wave and smile. Oh no, he’s coming. Hide. Shoot. “Yes, I’m doing well too. Thanks for asking.” Move along now, please. “Yes, my siblings are attending this school now.” No more questions please. “OK, goodbye.”
  26. Why are there so many students roaming around during class time? The staff definitely got more lenient. Not fair.
  27. Wow, the bathrooms got bigger and don’t smell like pee anymore.
  28. How nice would it be if Berkeley got a complete renovation?
  29. Just kidding, that’d jack up our tuition to like $100,000 a year or something.
  30.  I guess you truly can’t have it all. Oh well.
  31. Well, this is depressing. Summer break is meant to be spent anywhere but here. Peace out, high school.

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MAY 26, 2016