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Why we travel

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MAY 31, 2016

Excitement, adventure, fun — traveling encapsulates these words. And traveling has always had this attractive, romantic aura surrounding it. During the summer, we have time to reflect on what interests us besides our studies, and travel is just one way to satisfy your inquisitive mind. Here are a few of the reasons why we at the Clog find traveling so appealing.

We travel to escape

When people feel stuck, they’re often told to take a break from what they’re working on. It creates distance to see things from a fresh perspective. Traveling does essentially that but on a grander scale. You get to escape your same old mindset and scenery, and instead swap those repetitive, mundane routines for something new.

We travel for the stories

Have you ever talked to someone back from a trip who isn’t bursting with tales to tell? It’s unlikely. Traveling leaves you with a treasure trove of memories. It’s easy to forget a theory you learned in class or the date of your cousin’s birthday, but the memories from when you travel have a way of sticking with you because they’re usually once in a lifetime. And it’s not just your own experiences you return with — you also bring back all the interesting, weird or funny stories you hear from the people you meet along the way.

We travel to explore

It’s inevitable that traveling opens up a new world to you, whether that means meeting strangers or coming across a completely different culture.

If you want to go full blown explorer mode, here’s a tip: Chuck away those brochures of neatly planned out, cookie cutter tour packages. It may sound daunting at first to venture into a foreign place with no one to lead the way, but once you forgo the obvious tour guides and tourist traps, you’ll be more in tune with the locals and they’ll be able to suggest cool nooks and crannies that a typical tourist may never know exist.

We travel for the insight

Being thrusted into an uncharted territory with new situations may feel awkward at first, but there’s a sense of satisfaction you feel even when you accomplish the smallest of things. There are some lessons you’ll figure out along the way, such as how to bargain at a market so you’re not ripped off. It might even just be learning what delicious, authentic pizza tastes like.

We travel to be with friends or family

You could spend hours studying with your friends in the library or be a part of the same club as them, but it’s not the same as spending quality time with them like you would when traveling with them. There will always be those moments after the trip when you can look back and say, “Remember that time we [insert super cool adventure here].”

So let your spontaneous side loose and travel this summer. We spend months and months cooped up in libraries, hunched over textbooks and problem sets, so take advantage of the three measly months per year when we’re free to explore the world outside of Main Stacks. It could even be just for the weekend. Trust us, it’ll be worth it. And make sure to stay tuned for tales of summer travels from the Clog.


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MAY 30, 2016