The happiest place on earth

Allison David/Staff

Disneyland and Berkeley may not seem like they have too much in common on the surface level. One is filled with countless tourists, rides and endless fun rides while the other is filled with, well, none of that. Despite your understandable doubts and misgivings, let us enlighten you with the numerous similarities that Berkeley and the “happiest place on earth” share.

1. Sather Gate and Adventureland 


Allison David/Staff

The gateway into Adventureland looks remarkably like Sather Gate… despite the Tiki head of course. This gateway welcomes hundreds of guests into Adventureland, and with the Dole Whip line right around the corner, the entrance is always bustling just like Sproul Plaza. Just like the fear that lies beyond Sather Gate on campus (especially during finals), Adventureland is filled with spooky rides such as The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean that are sure to send chills down your spine.

2. Telegraph Avenue and Main Street


Allison David/Staff

Located near the entrance of Disneyland, Main Street is filled with countless quirky shops and restaurants that would remind any Cal student of Telegraph Avenue. Although Disney’s shops may be a tad (definitely an understatement) more expensive than local shops and restaurants on Telegraph, we can’t help of thinking of Berkeley while walking down Main Street. Just as Telegraph Avenue serves in Berkeley, Main Street is the recognizable and central vein of Disneyland that serves as a warm welcome into the theme park.

3. Bear Transit and the horse trolley


Allison David/Staff

Although the Disney version or Bear Transit may seem a little antiquated, this horse trolley takes Disney guests all through Main Street and the central area of the Disney park. Just like our Bear Transit, it provides a convenient walking alternative during long days at the park. We do have to admit that this is a little stinkier than our transit buses.

4. Cal Marching Band and Disneyland marching band

Allison David/Staff

Yeah this one may seem a little straightforward, but regardless, Disneyland and UC Berkeley both have great marching bands. Just like during exciting game days at Berkeley, the Disneyland marching band parades down Main Street and revs up the crowd with its catchy tunes.

5. The Campanile and the Sleeping Beauty Castle


Allison David/Staff

The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland has many striking similarities to UC Berkeley’s Campanile. Once you can get past their aesthetic differences, it’s clear that the castle and the Campanile serve a similar purpose (except one tells time). Just like the Campanile is the shining star of Berkeley, the castle serves as a symbol for Disneyland. They both definitely enjoy the photographic spotlight — from being in the background of a kissing couple photo to being featured in the back of awkward group selfies, the Disneyland hashtag on Instagram is filled with images of the castle. The same can be said about the Campanile. We challenge you to watch one Snapchat story during the school year that doesn’t display a picture of the Campanile.

6. Embarcadero and Embarcadero


Allison David/Staff

Just a hop, skip and jump away from Disneyland, in Disney’s California Adventures, lies Embarcadero. Clearly not identical to the Embarcadero in San Francisco, this shop represents Berkeley’s accessibility to the exciting city of San Francisco. Nearby Embarcadero, California Adventures features Paradise Pier which looks remarkably similar to San Francisco’s Pier 39.

Bet you didn’t realize you went to school at “the happiest place on earth!”

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