Healthy summer smoothie bowl

Allison David/Staff

Are you looking for a healthy summer treat that will beat the heat while packing in protein and other nutrients? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Smoothie bowls have quickly gained popularity in the past few years and are often seen on celebrities’ Instagrams and are mentioned by countless food bloggers. Not only are these smoothie bowls typically pricey at restaurants, but they also often contain a lot of added sugars.

Here’s how to make an affordable and equally delicious version of a smoothie bowl in the comfort of your own home.

What you’ll need:

a blender

Greek yogurt

1 cup frozen berries

1 banana

fresh fruit

high fiber cereal or granola

3/4 cup water or orange juice

What you’ll do:


Allison David/Staff

A few hours before you plan to make your smoothie bowl you’ll need to fill a flexible ice tray with your choice of yogurt. We chose Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt because of the added protein Greek yogurt contains. The vanilla flavoring will give your smoothie bowl a little added sweetness, but this can definitely be substituted for plain yogurt.


Allison David/Staff

Once you place the Greek yogurt into the ice cube tray, you’ll place it in the freezer for 2-3 hours or until completely hardened. We’re freezing the yogurt in order to give the smoothie bowl a denser consistency.


Allison David/Staff

In the blender you’ll add 1 cup of frozen mixed berries, 1/2 of your banana, three cubes of Greek yogurt, and 3/4 cups of water (or orange juice).


Allison David/Staff

Because we’re aiming for a sorbet-like consistency, you may need to move the contents around with a utensil (make sure the blender is turned off when you do this!). If you find that your ingredients aren’t blending, you can add water or liquid of your choice until the consistency is right.

When everything is blended completely, pour the contents of the blender into a small bowl.

smoothie bowl

Allison David/Staff

Here comes the fun part! Slice up the other half of your banana and add any other types of fresh fruit to the top of your smoothie bowl. In ours, we substituted traditional granola with a high fiber cereal, which is a much healthier alternative. You can either throw all your toppings on, or you can more artfully arrange them — it’s up to you.

smoothie bowl

Allison David/Staff

Finally, don’t forget to take a photo of your completed bowl.

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