Quiz: Where in Berkeley should you live?

Raeline Valbuena/File

Deciding where in Berkeley to live can be a difficult decision, especially if you don’t know the area very well. You can use Google Maps all you want, but unless you actually have seen Berkeley’s various divisions, you probably aren’t going to know where to start looking. Don’t worry, though, because we at the Clog can help you start figuring out where you should stay.

  1. How busy do you want your area to be? 
    1. As quiet as you can get.
    2. Peaceful, but not dead.
    3. I’d like it to be pretty busy, but not overwhelming.
    4. I need constant background noise.
  2. What is most important to you?
    1. Peace and quiet! 
    2. That the area I live in is nice.
    3. Proximity to restaurants and nightlife.
    4. Proximity to campus and my friends.   
  3. Unfortunately, this matters a lot, so what kind of budget are we looking at? 
    1. It doesn’t really matter.
    2. I’d say average? I don’t need to live in a cardboard box but it’s not like I can afford my own two bedroom.
    3. The cheaper, the better. 
  4. How far are you willing to walk to get to school?
    1. Three or four blocks.
    2. I don’t care — I’ll take the bus if I have to.
    3. Max — a 20 minute walk.
    4. As little as physically possible.
  5. What do you want your walk home at night to be like?
    1. I’d like to not have to really see anybody at all.
    2. Pretty quiet, maybe only passing a few people and without any scary moments.
    3. I don’t really care as long as the walk is relatively well-lit. I have pepper spray! 
    4. I want there to be a lot of people so there’s always someone nearby to help if something goes wrong.
  6. What kind of person are you, really?
    1. I’m a pet person.
    2. I’m a plant person.
    3. I’m a people person.
    4. I’m a party person.
    1. You should look for an apartment on Northside. Known to be peaceful and nice, Northside is the place to go if you want to separate yourself from the hubbub of central Berkeley. It’s a little pricier, especially if you want to be near campus, but it’s worth it if you prefer somewhere quiet and more private than the average Bear’s lair.
    2. You should head to the Elmwood area. It’s a bit of a walk (or a 51B ride) but it’s a beautiful area with cute shops and flowerbeds scattered along College Avenue. It’s going to be pretty quiet but not completely dead. Plus, the distance from campus makes this location a little more affordable!
    3. Start searching for a place near Downtown Berkeley! Downtown, you may find yourself living above a shop of sorts and surrounded by some of the most popular restaurants in the area. The area is slightly more dangerous, though, so make sure you’re OK with that. Living Downtown will make you feel like you’re really a part of the city of Berkeley. Plus, between the various apartment complexes, you can probably find somewhere in your price range that you like!
    4. Why would you look anywhere but Southside? You love to be surrounded by people, you want to be close to campus and you’re on a pretty tight budget, so Southside is basically perfect for you. Whether you are trying to live on Greek Row or close to the RSF, you want your apartment to be in the center of student life, and Southside is where it’s at.

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