Platforms: Three prevailing candidates, one presidency

Goldia Kiteck/Senior Staff

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Here is an overview of some of the three candidates’ basic platforms.

Bernie Sanders


Economic: In order to lower income and wealth inequality, Sanders plans to raise the minimum wage to $15 across the country. Additionally, he plans to invest $1 trillion in public infrastructure in an effort to create jobs for Americans and raise taxes on large corporations.

Environmental: Sanders plans to transition away from using fossil fuels, while also putting a tax on carbon in order to fight climate change quickly. As president, Sanders would aim to invest in a 100 percent clean energy system to create jobs.

Immigration: Sanders hopes to adopt a more comprehensive and humane immigration plan that will ensure border security while protecting the communities surrounding border regions, allow undocumented immigrants to purchase health care and prioritize keeping families together.

National security: Sanders has said he is committed to working with United States’ allies in order to combat international terrorism, for example, by disrupting terrorist funding networks. Though he believes in having a fully equipped military, Sanders wants to reform the military budget to more accurately represent the needs of the military and the country’s national security interests.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton-uncroppedEconomic: Clinton plans to cut taxes for middle-class families to raise their incomes so as to better allow them to pay increasing costs including child care and college tuition. In addition, Clinton hopes to rid tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy and invest in infrastructure projects, medical research and clean energy in order to create more jobs.

Environmental: In order to combat climate change, Clinton has plans to set goals to install 500 million solar panels nationally, cut energy waste in residences, schools and hospitals by a third, and reduce the United States’ overall oil use by a third.

Immigration: On immigration, Clinton aims to fight for a more comprehensive immigration plan that will provide a pathway for citizenship and works to keep families together. Clinton also plans to uphold President Barack Obama’s executive actions in implementing policy that provided deportation relief for DREAMers and parents of legal residents.

National security: Clinton hopes to work to defeat ISIS and global terrorism and create new partnerships while also strengthening the country’s existing alliances to address issues such as climate change and cybersecurity. She additionally hopes to ensure the United States’ military has cutting edge equipment and training.

Donald Trump


Economic: Trump plans to provide tax relief for the middle class while also limiting the number of loopholes provided to the wealthy, reduce the taxes that businesses have to pay to a 15 percent maximum, simplify the tax code as well as reduce income taxes overall.

Environmental: Trump plans to cancel the Paris climate agreement that world leaders committed to in 2015, reinitiate the building of the Keystone XL pipeline and revitalize the nation’s coal industry.

Immigration: Trump plans to have Mexico pay for a more secure wall across the southern border of the United States, prioritize jobs for American workers above immigrants and ensure that immigrants are held to the law when they are in America.

National security: Trump plans to build a large and powerful military that far surpasses other nations, rid of ISIS permanently and offer more benefits for Veterans.

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