Editor’s Note: California Primary

Goldia Kiteck/Senior Staff

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On Tuesday, millions of people cast their ballots in the California primary election. In Alameda County, voters decided on their presidential candidate of choice, U.S. senator and a multitude of other state and local positions. In a nation with abysmally low voter turnout rates, Alameda County has one of the most civically engaged populations. It is thus one of the most exciting places to be during election season.

This is a uniquely important election for California, which has been overlooked in past presidential primaries. This year, California will play a significant role in deciding tasked with deciding who will fill the first open California U.S. Senate seat in 24 years. Although primary elections are neglected by voters in com- parison to general elections in November, these June races are important in determining the names on the final ballot. With a top-two primary voting system implemented several years ago, some primary elections can hold more weight than they have in past years.

A surge in voter registration these past few months is a testament to Californians’ ignited interest in elections this year — an interest that should carry over to November’s elections.

Suhauna Hussain is the managing editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @suhaunah.

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