Quiz: Are you more Yogurtland or Yogurt Park?

Allison David/Staff

As the days are getting hotter here in Berkeley, frozen yogurt sales are skyrocketing. With ongoing controversy surrounding who has better chilled treats, the most pressing question of the summer is, “Where do you get your froyo?” It seems that there are two types of people in this world — those who prefer Yogurtland and those who crave Yogurt Park. Where does your allegiance lie?

  1. What’s your perspective on variety?
    1. I don’t want to be limited by what is presented to me.
    2. I prefer limitations. It makes important decision making a just a little bit easier.
  2. What’s your yogurt to topping ratio?
    1. I like more controllable and flexible topping options.
    2. Give me heaps of cookie dough.
  3. Degree of laziness: 1 (being very active) – 10 (being extremely lazy)
    1. 1-6
    2. 7-10
  4. What type of frozen yogurt do you reach for?
    1. Tart
    2. Sweet
  5. Do you find yourself addicted to frozen yogurt, avidly running to check daily flavors?
    1. No, I reach for it sometimes, but I’m definitely not addicted.
    2. Yes, in fact I’m eating some right now!
  6. When do you most crave froyo?
    1. On my way home from class on a hot day
    2. When I’m cuddled up in bed in my residence hall room
  7. Do you carry cash with you?
    1. No, I definitely rely on my credit card.
    2. Yes, I always carry some money just in case!
  8. Do you take pictures of your food?
    1. No, I prefer to just dig right in!
    2. I always sneak a Snapchat of it first while no one is watching.
    1. Yogurtland! You know what you like and you feel you can serve yourself best. You like picking and choosing what specific toppings you prefer and you may be a little bit more picky with flavor choices. You love the convenience of Yogurtland’s Bancroft Street and Shattuck Avenue location and tend to make a pit stop for yogurt after a hard exam or on your way back home from class. You don’t care if your preferences are seen as “basic” and prepare to face years of opposition from Yogurt Park’s devoted customers. Joke’s on them! You can still most likely enjoy your favorite summer treat at Yogurtland’s multitude of stores all over the United States, no matter where you are!
    2. Yogurt Park! Cookie Dough is most likely its own food group in your food pyramid. You’ll walk any distance, in any weather, to get your frozen yogurt. There’s no stopping you. There’s a pretty high chance that your Snapchat stories are chock full of froyo photos on the daily. You like the limitations Yogurt Park presents in its yogurt flavors and are open to try new “flavors of the day.” You like your yogurt to be made for you and don’t prefer the “DIY process.” If you’re a really devoted fan, you probably carry cash on you everyday to get its “cash-only discount.” And most importantly, you laugh hysterically at anyone’s suggestion of getting Yogurtland on a hot day.

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