Dear Dad

Alvaro Azcarraga/Staff
Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
Hope you don’t mind if the rhyming is bad,
I’m just trying to say what I mean,
Definitely not Shel Silverstein.
I just wanted you to know
That while I don’t always show
How genuinely appreciative I am
For you being the head of the fam,
You really are my hero.
Dads that are better than you: zero.
There are many things you do that I admire
Like how you never let me ride with a flat tire.
You totally own with food on the grill,
Thank you for all of those spiders you kill.
In general, you’re a great cook.
Manual for worlds best dad? You wrote the book.
You claim you know best,
I like to put that idea to the test.
If I took a step for every butt dial,
I’d be able to cover an entire mile
You single handedly support the PGA,
Maybe I’ll understand golf one day.
Thanks for making sure I’m always prepared.
When I’m with you I could never be scared.
You taught us how to fish,
And granted my every wish.
I’d bike up a mountain for you
And swim across the ocean blue.
I know that you work hard to provide,
I’m grateful to have you by my side.
Sorry for that time I hit the car,
I know in my heart you’ll never be far.
You always tell me to stand up straight,
When I’m down, you remind me that “haters gonna hate.”
You have an unrivaled passion for the Tour de France,
Sometimes I get embarrassed when you dance.
You don’t understand the holes in my jeans,
You once asked me what “lit” means.
It’s OK you don’t get the latest fad,
I’m just so glad to have you as my dad.
Happy Father’s Day, Bears!

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