More than just dad jokes

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Michael Drummond/File

Sunday was Father’s Day — the day to appreciate that dads have more to offer than bad jokes and high-quality barbecue. Whether you’ve been raised with the gentle “wade-from-the-shallow-end” approach or the tough “push-into-the-deep-end” approach, we at the Clog can agree that our fathers have offered us much irreplaceable, valuable advice. And without it, we could never hope to navigate UC Berkeley or the rest of the confusing world around us.

When it comes to academics, maybe your dad does push you a bit. Perhaps he wants you to take a math class your incoming semester that’s a little more advanced than you’re comfortable with. It’s never a bad idea to challenge yourself, but also be wary of the unrealistic expectations he has for you because he holds you in such high esteem. Maybe taking 30 units of technical coursework isn’t the best decision, but your dad just wants to see his little star shine. No matter what your dad may say, he’ll be happy to see you succeed whether you’re pre-med on the dean’s list or an artist with critically acclaimed work.

It’s debatable whether moms or dads do parenting better, but your old buddy could definitely be an excellent resource on the ins-and-outs of being street smart. You may have pouted in the back seat when he picked you up early from prom, but maybe he saved you from doing something regrettable right before jetting off to college. Chances are it would’ve been a disaster without the company of more experienced drinkers or knowledge of safe drinking habits.

You probably would be a millionaire if you received a dime for every time your dad identified a bad friend long before you could. If you had followed his advice and put your too-cool-for-you teenage obstinacy aside, you likely would’ve been saved from a lot of heartbreak. So please don’t hesitate to continue following his advice into college. The bottom line is that your dad is more socially aware than he lets on, and this is natural because he’s lived longer and experienced more (duh).

Last but not least, your dad is perhaps the best resource for guy advice, as cringing as this sounds. For many people this may be the kind of thing you would be more comfortable approaching your mom with, but take into account that your dad fully understands the psyche of guys especially that of the young adult. He can help you spot red flags better than any Maxim or Cosmo article. While his standards for chivalry might sadly be a bit idealistic, he will be willing to do anything to make sure you do not end up with a douchebag. Dad can also help you navigate your unbelievably and unexpectedly complicated friendships with guys.       

Long story short, we at the Clog are thankful for and humbled by our dads and would like to showcase our appreciation this Father’s Day.               

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