Goodbye summer

Allison David/Staff

Dear summer 2016,

Let me first start by saying that we summer session students are so sad to be saying our final adieu. Even though we’ve only been together for a few weeks, the time we have spent with you has been absolutely beautiful and we seriously would not have changed it for the world.

Trust us, leaving you is really hard and we really wish we could have spent just a few more days in your warm caress, but we are sad to say our time with you is finally over. Nothing will ever replace those long days on the beach and endless hours we spent with you, freely basking in the sun — trust us, we will always remember these memories dearly.

If there’s anything we’ll miss most about you, it’s definitely how carefree we felt with you — we simply had no obligations. But things are different now. We have responsibilities that we have to attend to and you’re a bit of a distraction now. The truth is we know you’re going on and having fun with others and strangely we’re okay with that.

I feel like we both knew that we were star-crossed lovers, destined to break apart come time. But even though we knew this would eventually come to an end, it was truly worth it for all of the amazing moments we’ve shared. Time with you really brought us back down to earth and was very much needed. We want to thank you for that.

Finally it seems that the saying “nothing good ever lasts” has actually come to be true. As we return back to where we belong at UC Berkeley, we miss you and find ourselves looking back fondly at pictures of you, while laying in bed on lonely stressful school nights. We can’t help but hope that you’ll visit for a three-day weekend, perhaps even as soon as the Fourth of July.

Thank you for all of the lessons you have taught us and for all of our amazing memories, summer 2016. We can honestly say that we miss everything about you, but ultimately know deep down that it’s time to move on. Cheers to you and hopefully we’ll see you next year. Oh, and before I forget: it’s not you, it’s us.


We wish you the best,

Summer “Session C” Students

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