Quiz: Are you more hot dog or hamburger?

There are two kinds of people in the world — those who scramble towards hotdogs on the July Fourth barbecue skewer and those who wolf down hamburger after hamburger. These people are always polar opposites. If you’re having an identity crisis and do not know which personality type fits you better, take this personalized quiz that we at the Clog designed just for you!

  1. Pick a texture.
    1. smooth and slender
    2. coarse and thick
  2. Pick a color.
    1. maroon
    2. charcoal
  3. Pick a park.
    1. Knott’s Berry Farm
    2. Disneyland
  4. Pick a travel destination.
    1. Miami
    2. Lake Tahoe
  5. Pick a paper format.
    1. Landscape
    2. Portrait
  6. Pick an animal.
    1. Giraffe
    2. Elephant
  7. Pick a Berkeley eatery.
    1. Top Dog
    2. Eureka!
  8. Pick a furry companion.
    1. Dachsund
    2. French Bulldog
  9. Pick a philosophy.
    1. The more, the merrier.
    2. Less is more.
    1. You’re a hot dog person! Get the condiments ready because this Fourth of July is going to be full of activity with little time to sit down and eat. So this delicious meal is a godsend for your “lit” lifestyle.
    2. You’re a hamburger person! Fresh air and outdoors are part of your Fourth of July itinerary. Food quality is important to you, so having a nice beer and a barbecue while watching fireworks from a distance in your campground is the optimal way to spend the holiday!

 Happy Fourth of July!

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