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JULY 11, 2016

A lot of us students out of necessity or just sheer madness have decided to stay on campus for the summer and take classes — as if both fall and spring semesters weren’t enough. Now that we’ve sort of settled into our new class schedules, we might have realized that some days can get really hectic with a whole load of assignments being due and lectures to attend. Sometimes all the work can make you want to scream at the top of your lungs. If you’ve reached that point, then it’s probably a sign that you should take a break.

We at the Clog already gave you suggestions for small breaks you can take as you go about your day. Now if you somehow managed to finish all your work early without procrastinating or your brain just feels like it will self-destruct if you try to keep going, then maybe take a longer break. To help make things easier on your part, here are a few ideas for how you can spend your time off.

Take a day trip. Ride the BART to San Francisco. Pretend to be a tourist for the day and explore the sights.

Roam around the botanical garden. It’s a great way to ease the nerves when you’re surrounded by nature And it’s really peaceful too — great place to mull over an important problem if you’re stuck on one, like whether to go to ShareTea or Purple Kow for your next boba adventure.

What better way to relax than with a massage? Tang Center has free massage chairs for 15-minute massages, but who says you can’t do three rounds in a row? You can even go all out and do a spa day.

Have a movie marathon or binge-watch a T.V. show you haven’t seen before on Netflix. Try to avoid anything that might be a little too good because the last thing you need is to get hooked on a show when you’ve already got a pile of work waiting for you. You could even go watch something at the theater and have some of that overpriced popcorn to go with it. Maybe even go for a concert or watch something playing at a theater.

Grab a blanket and some food. Find a park or even just a spot of grass and have yourself a picnic.

If you’re the type of person that likes to cook, then put on an apron and make yourself a feast. Or, alternately, this could be the best worst idea, but go restaurant or cafe hopping. It’s definitely not stress eating, OK?

And it’s never a bad time for a karaoke night!

If you’ve got a friend who’s feeling overworked, then bring them along with you on your little break. Ideally this wouldn’t be the day before the midterm, but that’s still your call. A fair warning that some of these suggestions may considerably reduce your motivation to want to go back to work. It’s an unfortunate consequence when you start actually having fun. But it is summer after all, and a little fun never hurt anyone.

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JULY 11, 2016