Where not to play Pokemon Go

OK, we know Pokemon Go has been extremely popular among UC Berkeley students, really everyone. The game’s interactivity is simply amazing and a real game changer (no pun intended). The downsides to this game are that it can lead you into dangerous situations, and sometimes you can look a little odd playing it. Here are some places you probably shouldn’t play Pokemon Go.

  1. Doe Library

This place is just not the right setting. Yes, we know there are a ton of good Poke stops, but let’s keep this place for studying. Plus, if your volume is accidentally turned on and the Pokemon Go theme song starts to play, you’ll get some irritated looks.

  1. In the middle of Piedmont Avenue

There are a ton of Poke stops all down Piedmont but, please, if you see a rare Pokemon just chilling in the middle of the street, don’t go and try to catch it. You will get hit by a car, and people will know it was for the sake of catching a Moltres. Are you OK with having that on your tombstone?

  1. At a local cemetery

There has already been a lot of buzz and discussion about how playing Pokemon Go at a cemetery or at a memorial is extremely disrespectful. Respect others, in the end of the day it’s more important than catching another Eevee. Just avoid the Pokemon in this region, we promise there will be others.

  1. On your flight home

Don’t play Pokemon Go here. It’s honestly concerning if you have Internet reception during your flight (we’re assuming during takeoff and landing), but this could seriously mess with the airplane’s communication frequencies. And trust us, you can catch flying Pokemon on the ground too, they do eventually land.

  1. In the locker room

After a long and intense workout at the Recreational Sports Facility, we know it’s sometimes tempting to decompress and catch up on Pokemon while chilling in the locker room. Don’t do this. Remember that once you click on a Pokemon, the app switches to your camera mode so be careful where you are pointing it! Chances are you’ll be catching Pokemon in a very uncomfortable location that probably shouldn’t be caught on camera.

  1. On your dashboard

Do us all a favor and don’t catch Pokemon while you’re driving. We know you don’t feel like walking 10 miles to incubate your egg, but safety first.

Remember to keep these Pokemon Go tips in mind while playing, and remember, “gotta catch ‘em all.”

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