Music lovers unite

Melanie Jimenez/File

Are you in Berkeley this summer trying to find a good music scene? While weekend-long music festivals always dominate a good portion of the summer, you don’t have to pay the big bucks to find unique sounds in Berkeley. We’ve got an assortment of upcoming music events that are sure to please fans from mainstream to jazz. Grab a friend and discover the musical possibilities right in front of you!

Let’s start off with a popular venue choice for Berkeley music lovers: the Greek Theatre. Upcoming musical performances include Twenty One Pilots, Modest Mouse and Don Henley, the founder of The Eagles. The vast 8,500-seat amphitheater never disappoints, and your ears will thank you as they fill with the sounds of epicness. For the Greek Theatre enthusiasts who prefer an indie sound, The National and The Lone Bellow will be a special summer treat.

Is The Greek Theatre not your scene? Don’t sweat it, check out the special concert series hosted by The UC Botanical Garden called Concerts in the Redwood Grove. Don’t tell us that spending an evening in a majestic garden filled with dreamy, soft melodies is not ideal! The Botanical Garden will be hosting this series of Thursday concerts while music lovers are enveloped by the magical presence of surrounding redwood trees. Performers include The Novel Ideas, Vikesh Kapoor, Rob Reich and Ben Goldberg with genres ranging from instrumental to country folk.

For all the jazz enthusiasts, the California Jazz Conservatory is hosting a plethora of performers such as Kalil Wilson, Logan Kane, Gillian Margot, Geoffrey Keezer and more! Go listen to a Grammy-nominated pianist without breaking the bank and thank us later.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a music experience that combines food, vendors and the outdoors, then don’t miss out on the Fourth Street Blues summer concert with award winning blues musician Mark Hummel.

We dare you to go out of your comfort zone, explore a new genre and really take advantage of the July music scene here in Berkeley!

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