Assault with possible pellet gun occurs near I-House

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On Monday morning about 12:22 a.m., an assault with a deadly weapon took place at the intersection of Piedmont Avenue and Bancroft Way near International House, according to a UCPD crime alert.

The assault was reported to have been committed by a man across the street from I-House who began shooting at the building with what appeared to be a gun but was later determined to be possibly a pellet gun or BB gun. Eight campus students on the steps of I-House ran inside when the shooting began, with one victim suffering a minor injury that was treated at a local emergency room.

According to the crime alert, there may have been a second man setting off fireworks in addition to the armed assailant. The suspects were described as an approximately 6-foot tall black male wearing black pants and a dark grey or black hooded sweatshirt, along with another black male in a blue hooded sweatshirt.

UCPD officers were unable to locate the suspect after searching the area.

According to the alert, a similar incident occurred 10 minutes earlier on Ellsworth Street and Channing Way, in which two suspects in a car shot a victim in the back with potentially a pellet gun or BB gun.

Anyone with more information about these crimes is encouraged to contact the Berkeley Police Department at 510-981-5900.

Check back for updates.

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