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Bringing back old memories

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JULY 20, 2016

Once we’re in college, there are so many changes that our life before seems like a distant memory. And as you go about your daily life, there are some things that might make you reminisce about your childhood and high school.

When we have a whole lot of math homework due, complete with integrals and all kinds of nonsense symbols, remembering the time when the hardest thing we had to do was multiply nine by eight makes you want to go back to when things were that easy so badly.

There’s something very nostalgic about the first day of class. Somehow you end up thinking about how excited you were when you were younger. It never wears off, although we might not be as naive to believe that we’ll actually keep the promises we make on the first day of class (we’re looking at you, “daily attendance” and “keeping up with readings”).

When you’re sprawled on the grass on Memorial Glade, it might remind you of when you used to be a kid running around and playing tag in a park. Well, at least until we upgraded to playing on our screens. Maybe at this point, Millennials might just associate grass with the game Plants vs Zombies and running with chasing after a rare Pokemon.

During CalSO, they show us how to do the ‘Time Warp,” which is promptly forgotten an hour later. But it makes you think back to the time when you had to learn dance steps for a performance or that group of friends that was always having impromptu dance parties or choreographing moves for a video. Because you have not lived life if you never learned to dance along to “High School Musical” songs or “Hoedown Throwdown.”

There are moments when it’s late at night and you’re huddled with your friends watching a movie marathon or just hanging out when it feels like those sleepovers you had when you were younger. Truth or dare?

If you’re on campus for the summer, then you’ve probably caught at least one group of kids from a summer camp going about their activities. Watching all the summer camp kids having fun brings back memories of the time when we actually didn’t have to worry about summer classes or internships during the summer. To the time when it was perfectly acceptable to just watch your counselor do random magic tricks and sing songs.

Unless you went to a really expensive school, you’re probably used to some pretty lame cafeteria food. It’s just another part of getting through high school. Having residence hall food is at least better than that, but on those days when the food just loses all levels of standards, it might dredge up dreaded memories of horrible cafeteria food.

Once you’re in college, you basically have to carry everything in a bag from where you’re staying to your classes. Sometimes it’s nice to reminisce back to a simpler time when, if you forgot something, you’d just have to walk back to your lockers, which is probably much shorter than that walk across campus.

Now that we’re older, there is a lot that might trigger bursts of nostalgia, perhaps from the smallest of things as you go about your day. What makes you feel nostalgic about when you were younger?

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JULY 20, 2016