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What's a typical 'UC Berkeley' line?

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JULY 20, 2016

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past week, you know the post. Everyone seems to be asking “whats a typical (insert name here) line?” So we thought we’d do one for UC Berkeley.

So, what’s a typical “Berkeley” line?

1. Let’s go get Asian Ghetto. Oh, damn I don’t have cash.

2. Are there any seats in Doe? I’m not trying to get one from Craigslist.

3. You live in Foothill? I’m sorry.

4. It smells like weed.

5. I’m from SoCal.

6. Today sucked. Let’s get Yogurt Park.

7. It’s August 15 and I’m only enrolled in two units.

8. OMG I saw your GSI at GBC. I think he’s heading over to VLSB!

9. T-god for Berkeley time.

10. I’ve had three Peet’s coffees and one mint mojito from Philz and still need more caffeine.

11. The Campanile looks so good right now *takes snapchat*.

12. Hella

13. Have you hiked the Big C?

14. *walking up hill* Does my butt look toned?

15. Any freshmen want to buy me late night?

16. I’m Pre-Haas.

17. My AC Transit sticker fell off.

18. Air Bears 2 is down.

19. We’re at the “No. 1 public university in the world!”

20. I can’t tell if it’s cold or hot.

22. Wanna go get school supplies from Daiso?

23. Did you know we’re at the “No. 1 public university in the world?”

24. Should I caption this Insta “go bears” or “go beers”?

25. Wait, where did you get the reader?

26. I think I’m just gonna watch lectures online.

27. Why is the Tang Center so damn far?

28. Anyone down to Taco Tuesday?

29. How do you work the new Tele-BEARS, and what’s a shopping cart?

30. F#$! Stanford

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JULY 22, 2016