20-ish Berkeley things to do in the last 20-ish days of summer

Sasha Ashall/File

Fellow Bears, as much as we hate to admit it, we’re approaching the beginning of the end of summer. We all have some combination of panic, denial and regret as we come to terms with the reality that the fall semester is imminent, and even more importantly that we neglected all of the things we said we’d have time to do this summer. Luckily, there are still about three weeks left, which is plenty of time to cross some things off that summer bucket list.

You might not have as much time or money as you’d like to take day-long or weekend-long excursions outside of Berkeley, but thanks to us, you now have a thoughtful, original, comprehensive list of local outing ideas that may just be sufficient to make these last few weeks memorable.

  1. Take a sunrise hike to the Peace Grove Lookout at Tilden Park where you can get a beautiful, unobstructed 360 degree view of the Bay Area. Pretend you’re a kid again and stop by the Tilden Little Farm on the way down.
  2. Grab a kite, prepare a picnic and head over to Cesar Chavez Park to recreate the aesthetic of the Berkeley Kite Festival if you missed it last weekend.
  3. Bundle up and head over to Berkeley Aquatic Park for the Bay Area Japanese Lantern Ceremony on Saturday evening.
  4. Grab brunch from Cafe M or Bette’s Oceanview Diner on 4th Street, browse Miki’s Paper, Thousand Cranes or Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden, and then stop by Artis for some fresh roasted coffee.
  5. Try the Dorayaki Soft Cream or Ramune Mochi Ice Cream Float from Uji Time’s new secret menu.
  6. Hike up to Grizzly Peak to watch the sunset, and then at dusk, walk down to the Lawrence Hall of Science parking lot for some romantic stargazing.
  7. Go for a run to Indian Rock Park and then treat yourself to Zachary’s Pizza on the way back for a carb-restoring lunch or dinner.
  8. Try Sharetea’s new Earl Grey series and swap out the boba for its new limited-time offer Taro QQ topping.
  9. Take advantage of your free student admission to the UC Botanical Garden and, if it’s a Thursday, check out one of the Redwood Grove Summer Concerts across the street in the evening.
  10. Use a friend’s UberEATS or Postmates promotion code to order food for yourself and your housemates and spend the night playing board games or watching movies together.
  11. Head to Tokyo Fish Market or 99 Ranch and buy ingredients for a sushi or dumpling-making party with a group of friends.
  12. Check out the galleries at the Berkeley Art Museum, and then befriend one of the staff members so they can get you free admission to various museums in San Francisco and around the country.
  13. Host an Olympic Games Opening Ceremony viewing party and see how many of the 49 Cal athletes you and your friends can spot.
  14. If you’re not tired of the hikes and views previously listed yet, try out geocaching anywhere within the Berkeley Fire Trails.
  15. Browse Half Price Books, Pegasus Books or any other used bookstore of your choice with a friend and see who can find the weirdest and/or oldest book in the store.
  16. Buy some fresh produce from the Berkeley Farmer’s Market on Saturday, North Berkeley Farmer’s Market on Thursday or South Berkeley Farmer’s Market on Tuesday.
  17. Head over to Lake Anza on a sunnier day and sunbathe on the beach or cliff jump into the lake if you’re looking for more excitement.
  18. Walk up to Codornices Park to grill some hamburgers and test out their 40-foot cement slide, and then see if you can find your way up to Berkeley’s Secret Waterfall while you’re there.
  19. While you’re in the vicinity, stop by the Berkeley Rose Garden across the street for a perfect summer-themed photoshoot while the roses are in bloom.
  20. Skip arm day at the gym and instead head over to Berkeley Ironworks for a fun or possibly embarrassing indoor rock climbing experience.
  21. Head down to the Marina to explore Adventure Playground and/or rent a paddle board or kayak from Cal Adventures. Then eat a classy dinner with a beautiful view at Skates on the Bay right next to the pier.
  22. Check out some of the more offbeat shops on Telegraph Avenue such as Mad Monks Center for Anachronistic Media, Lhasa Karnak Herb Company, Twisted Thistle Apothecary, the Sockshop or Rasputin Music. When you’re bored of that, repeat for College Avenue and Shattuck Avenue and maybe even buy something.

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A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the Redwood Grove Concert Series is free. In fact, the concerts are not free, although UC Berkeley students have free admission to the UC Botanical Garden.