25 thoughts we have living in the city

Winky Wong/File

For some students, Berkeley isn’t that different from their hometowns. For those of us who hail from cow towns and suburbs, however, living in the city is a totally new experience. We at the Clog know that adjusting to a city can be a wild experience, complete with an ever-changing internal monologue about Berkeley. Here are just 25 of the thoughts we have while contemplating city life.

  1. I love the sounds of the city.
  2. Not the sound of that person screaming outside my window, though.
  3. It’s 6 a.m., would you shut up?
  4. Also don’t like the sound of that dude revving his engine outside the window.
  5. You drive a tiny Toyota, you should not be making that sound!
  6. Wow, it’s noisy here.
  7. Out of coffee? No problem, there’s a coffee shop like a block away.
  8. It’s nice that I don’t have to drive to do my errands — the dry cleaners is right there, the grocery store is pretty close.
  9. I kind of wish I could drive to the grocery store though, these bags are heavy.
  10. I’m just going to drive next time, even though it’s only four blocks away.
  11. Why can I never find parking here? Just one spot, that’s all I ask!
  12. I don’t want to cook, might as well order something.
  13. How nice is it that I can walk just 500 feet and be at my favorite takeout place?
  14. OK, now it sucks because I’ve spent all my food money and can smell my favorite takeout place whenever I open my window.
  15. I’m glad the bus stops right outside my door too, because when I’m running late, I don’t have far to go.
  16. I am less glad that the bus makes those very loud screeching noises with its brakes every single time it stops.
  17. The bus starts running really early in the morning.
  18. Man, if I ever wanted to people watch, this would be the place for it.
  19. OK, I didn’t want to watch that guy pee on the street, people watching or not.
  20. Oh, if I turn here, I could go by Walgreens and pick up those batteries I needed.
  21. It won’t hurt just to pop in this bookstore really fast, right?
  22. Man, it’s easy to spend money here.
  23. I think I’m finally getting used to the noise? I’m definitely sleeping in more.
  24. OK, if I leave now, it’ll take me five minutes to walk to my friend’s apartment.
  25. Wow, I actually love living in a city.

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