Editor’s note: The 2016 Olympics Issue

Medals here, Zika there, controversies everywhere. Body parts washed on the beach, and Brazil’s president got impeached. Athletes just keep dropping out and Rio is reeling without a doubt. But even though the cops don’t care, Olympic spirit is everywhere.

Missy Franklin’s in the pool, and Harrison Barnes is lookin’ cool. Fifty Bears have made the trip, while Team USA lives on a ship. Rugby will be coming back, and Jahvid Best is running track.

But with all of this exciting stuff, how will you ever get enough? Well worry not, don’t get your feathers ruffled — The Daily Californian is here to stop kerfuffle! One special issue with all your needs, and our quality is great indeed. So dive in, submerge, and give us a peek if Olympic coverage is what you seek.

That’s the end of the rhyme and all we must say, so enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

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