15 major keys in DJ Khaled’s latest album

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We’ve seen his jet ski adventures, heard his motivational life lessons as he runs on the treadmill and have been touched with his unwavering confidence in himself and his fans. DJ Khaled never fails to make us feel important through spreading infectious positivity (both in his music and via Snapchat), regardless of how annoying or hysterical you think he is. They don’t want DJ Khaled to be great, but Khaled doesn’t care. He’s recently released his ninth studio album, Major Key, and here’s a hot list of the major keys in his album.

  1. The album cover: Khaled sits on a royal high chair with a lion at his feet in a garden. If this doesn’t recall memories of Khaled watering his garden and lion statue on Snapchat, what does? If this image doesn’t encapsulate Khaled in his entirety, what will?
  2. The album title: Khaled made his life motto the title of his album. Nothing else is more fitting. And you probably read it in his voice.
  3. “I Got The Keys”: It’s not like Khaled has transformed himself into a meme with his “keys to success” advice or anything, but PSA, Khaled has the keys. Just to let you know.
  4. “They don’t want me to have another anthem / So I made sure I got another anthem”: Khaled is the type of person to do a dare that literally no one asked him to do. But who’s complaining?
  5. Political consciousness in “Holy Key”: Khaled can be woke as hell sometimes. He has Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar trading verses on police brutality and religion. It’s just as incredible as it sounds.
  6. “Jermaine’s Interlude”: Yeah, Khaled may have only given J. Cole an interlude and yes, he may have said “Now I play thoughts with retirement,” but we’ll take whatever we can get from J. Cole.
  7. “We gonna become billionaires / From now on when you see me, call me Billy”: The times Khaled extends past his motivational life slogans and one-liners in his songs, he comes up with a line like this. This is the type of content we like to hear.
  8. Old school R&B feels in “Do You Mind”: Chris Brown on the hook with a sample of Lil Jon’s slow jam “Lovers and Friends”? It’s like going back in time into the old school R&B scene. Thank you, Khaled.
  9. “Pick These Hoes Apart”: Kodak Black, Jeezy and French Montana on the same track — a harmonious combination of seasoned and new rappers.
  10. “Soon I saw you girl my d*ck was standin’ hard / She so wet I make that p*ssy fall”: Kodak Black is on something else with this verse, but hey, we appreciate the imagery.
  11. The interpolation of Usher’s “Make Me Wanna” in “Work For It”: Khaled’s killing it with these R&B throwbacks.
  12. “Don’t Ever Play Yourself”: One of Khaled’s most valuable pieces of advice condensed into a song — makes you never want to play yourself again. Well played.
  13. Meghan Trainor on “Forgive Me Father”: To call this an unprecedented feature would be an understatement, not to mention that Wiz Khalifa is in the mix. But we’re vibing to it.
  14. “Progress”: A funky and tropical-like track to end the album. We don’t know what he’s saying, but we trust Khaled with this upbeat feature.
  15. Thirty-two features throughout the album: It’s a beautiful, hot conglomerate of rappers and R&B artists. And we want to thank Khaled for it.

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