6 RSF classes to take before you die/graduate

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AUGUST 08, 2016

Health of body means health of mind. More than anything, we Bears need the latter to function, unless you’re using your time here just for the gym membership.

But in any case, this list of classes in the Recreational Sports Facility prove that all excuses to delay burning away those late nights of vodka, Artichoke Basille’s and ramen are irrelevant because exercise can be fun! The RSF is not just reserved for frat boys, hunks and kombucha-chugging triathletes whose calves (and life) you secretly envy. We at the Clog can almost guarantee that out of the infinite ways to get endorphins running and fat burning, there has to be something that works for you.


Nia is a combination of dance, martial arts and healing arts and is often taught early in the day. If you want to begin your day with a burst of positive energy but aren’t an early-rise yoga kind of person, this is the class for you. Golden Bears of all people need self-love, and that’s what this class is all about because attendees are allowed to do free form dance after completing the choreographed routine.  

Cardio Dance

Every week at various times on Friday, a new type of dance ranging from Latin to hip-hop to salsa is taught and incorporates aerobic workouts. If you absolutely detest all forms of bodily stress, this is a good last resort. Some Bears may not ever be caught dead doing the entirely uphill Big C trek, yet they bust out their wildest dance moves after a few drinks on the dance floor. If that’s the case, then you should unleash that extra energy at the hip-hop class called Bootywerk.


Yoga and pilates is an epic combination (if you don’t mind a bit more stretching) for those who want to gain better composure and better control of their bodies. The days of destroyed posture from slouching and craning towards your computer screen are long over.

Late Night Yoga

The two best times for yoga are early morning and late at night. Yoga has a dual function of building energy and helping you unwind. Every Golden Bear needs this class offered every Wednesday evening. It’s a nice alternative to stress eating and Netflix after a grueling midterm or long day at work. It’ll surely help you sleep soundly. The great thing is that this class is open to all skill levels and consists of a variety of poses and stretches. But, if deep breathing and mindful meditation is more your thing, try taking the Vinyasa yoga class.

Cardio Kickboxing    

If you need to let out pent-up frustration through brute force, this is the class for you. If core workouts are not your jam, then this is the opportunity to work on your upper and lower body strength simply by kicking and punching at air. You’ll definitely feel like a badass even if you’re just beginning.  


High Intensity Interval Training is definitely not for the weak-willed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a go. The “intense” in its name is really an understatement. Golden Bears are invincible and here we can push our bodies to the limit as we alternate between periods of intense to moderate bursts of activity. Activities vary between weights, lunges and other core workouts. The class called HIITX is short and not-so-sweet, as it lasts only 30 minutes. Your glutes will thank you later!
The RSF membership is automatically included in your e-bill for a reason. These classes offer a nice alternative to the chin-ups and daunting mile runs you were subjected to in your high school gym class and prove that working out is truly a form of art. If you never open your mind to new ways of being healthy whether it’s pushing your body to your limits or shaking your booty, you are truly missing out.

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AUGUST 08, 2016