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Welcome back, upperclassmen

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AUGUST 15, 2016

We can remember our first day at Berkeley just as if it were yesterday — the Campanile bells chiming, the students on bikes whizzing past us, the trees lining Sproul Plaza bursting with green leaves. As some of us enter into our third and fourth years at UC Berkeley, we may feel as if we have our interaction with this campus down to a science.

But there are still plenty of Berkeley things that we have yet to do! The Clog has compiled a short list of places and events that are essential to the Berkeley experience but may have slipped our minds in our first couple of years in college.

  1. Go to the top of the Campanile.

Gorgeous, iconic views and absolutely free with your Cal ID? Yes, please! If you didn’t get to the top on your first tour with your parents, make sure to catch this view before graduation. Just be sure not to be up there on the hour, otherwise you’ll leave with ringing ears.

  1. Swim at the Strawberry Canyon Pool.

Located just above Memorial Stadium, this pool is a well-kept Berkeley secret. Don’t miss these last few warm days of summer to take a dip!

  1. Try all the food on campus.

With Ramona’s closing and stripped of chicken strips, we never know which on-campus food we’ll lose next! We suggest heading over to Yali’s in Stanley Hall before Cal Dining decides it’s no longer allowed to sell bagels.

  1. Go to a concert at the Greek Theatre.

The Greek Theatre is constantly hosting musicians from all genres. Be sure to check out this outdoor venue for your next concert outing. These concerts can be pretty pricey, but try to actually make it onto the floor instead of stuffing your face with Cheetos on Cheapskate Hill. Upcoming performances can be found here.

  1. Hike the Berkeley Fire Trails.

With constant classes and exams, hiking may not be at the top of a typical Berkeley student’s to-do list. But the views of the Bay that these hikes offer are incomparable. Be sure to take a study break to explore!

  1. Spend a day in the city.

We are so lucky to be so close to one of the coolest cities in America, San Francisco. With iconic sights such as Ghirardelli Square, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Haight Ashbury district, the city is a definite hub of activity and fun, and it’s perfect for a weekend day trip. We tend to exaggerate the difficulty of getting there and the time required, so try to make this trip more often.

  1. Participate in a political protest.

Berkeley is known for its constant political participation and keeping debates on social issues raging. Because protests are so frequent, there’s bound to be a cause that piques your interest.

  1. Complete the Fenton’s Challenge.

Fenton’s Creamery not only has some of the best ice cream in the bay but also offers a timed eating challenge known as the “Fenton’s Challenge.” The challenge dares customers to finish a sundae referred to as the Kitchen Sink in just 15 minutes. Those who finish win a T-shirt and bragging rights.

  1. Go to a Cal football game.

While we may have participated in all the game day festivities, there are many of us who have yet to attend the sports event celebrated on these Saturday mornings. Football games are the perfect demonstration of Cal spirit, even if we barely ever win.

  1. Study in every library.

Admit it, by this point you must have a favorite study spot. With 32 libraries to explore, we at the Clog challenge you to find a spot in every library to hit the grind. Maybe you’ll even find a new favorite cubicle?

Even though we’re more than halfway through our time here at UC Berkeley, there’s still time to enjoy absolutely everything it has to offer. We are definitely looking forward to making our last couple years of college count.

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AUGUST 15, 2016