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20 things to do around campus to entertain yourself

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AUGUST 17, 2016

We’ve still got some days to go before we’ll be drowning with assignments and quizzes. But for now, if you’re back at Berkeley with nothing to do, then we at the Clog have a few ideas of things you can do to fill the time.

  1. Take a picture with every single Golden Bear statue on campus.
  2. Pretend to be a Sprouler and pass out pieces of paper with your phone number on to cute folks.
  3. Go to a dining halls and have a food eating competition. See who can scarf down the most chili cheese fries or chug the most chocolate milk.
  4. Loudly tut every person who walks over the university seal by Memorial Glade and tell them they’re now doomed to bad grades.
  5. Search for Oski the Bear and take a picture with this UC Berkeley legend and resident humpback.
  6. Have a conversation with every homeless person you pass.
  7. Offer to take people on a tour around campus and tell them what UC Berkeley is really like.
  8. Put on as much Cal gear as you possibly can fit on yourself and flaunt it through campus. Alternatively, if you like to live life on the dangerous side, get decked out in Stanford gear and make your way through campus.
  9. Bring together some of your friends and start a protest on the most inane thing you can think of like the lack of Applebee’s on campus (what’s with that?).
  10. Walk into lecture halls and sit in on the lecture. After a significant period of time, have a dramatic realization that you’re in the wrong class and exit.
  11. Grab something really loud to eat and see if you can sit in a library and munch down without getting caught.
  12. Put together a flash mob on Sproul. More props to you if you can do a solo performance.
  13. Figure out a way to get some celebrity on campus.
  14. Make up a nonexistent club and see if you can convince people to join it.
  15. Write random messages and scatter them across the campus.
  16. Put something random in the middle of Sproul and watch people’s reactions to it.
  17. Get as lost as you can in Dwinelle Hall and try to find your way back to the outside world.
  18. If you don’t know your roommate, try to pull off an accent and see how long you can fake it.
  19. Offer to take pictures of visitors and take a selfie instead.
  20. Pretend to be a really excited visitor by taking pictures of everything and anything — the recycling bins, the trees, the pigeons and, of course, every squirrel within range.
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AUGUST 17, 2016