What not to buy for your freshman year room

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Moving into your freshman year residence halls is such an exciting process. You finally have a space of your own that you can decorate to your liking. But remember to try not to get too carried away in the excitement and try to stay practical. Everyone always tells you, “You should totally get this for your room” and “Oh, that would be so cute in your room,” but when do they ever tell you that you don’t need it or can get away without it? Here is The Clog’s advice on what not to buy for your room this fall.

1. An iron/ironing board/steamer

We know right now you’re saying that you’ll to need to iron all your clothes, which may be true, but the real question is will you ever take the time to do so? The chaos and excitement of college leave very little time to be worrying about creases in your shirt.

2. Your entire wardrobe

Lets be real, if you’re not going out to a party, there is a high chance that you’ll be wearing sweats, workout clothes or just basically anything that is comfortable. If you live near the school, you can just switch out your wardrobe seasonally.

3. Too many “knick-knacks”

Less is more when it comes to decorating your room. Too many small decorations in your room add up, and, chances are, space is not something to be compromised in your new room. Do yourself a favor and don’t clutter your room. Trust us, you will appreciate this piece of advice. Things like rugs and needless decorations can often make the room feel a lot smaller.

4. Too many sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are great and you’re definitely going to be wearing them a ton to the library, but chances are you might want to buy UC Berkeley sweatshirts and apparel when you get to school. One of the most important things to remember is that there’s something called a washing machine, and you will be able to re-wear basics. Plus, they will take up a lot of space in your limited and precious drawer storage.

5. Plates, bowls and utensils (in the Units)

These are obviously very helpful to have, but one thing to keep in mind is that if you are living in the Units, you are most likely not allowed to wash your plates in the bathroom sinks on your floor. Because the food from your plates gets stuck in the drain, you would have to walk or take the elevator to the main floor kitchen. So although it may not be the most sustainable option, you can always use a paper plate to reheat your food. If you are living in Clark Kerr or another type of suite, you will most likely have an area where you can clean dishes and utensils.

6. Too many decorative pillows

Trust us, we get that many people are excited about decorating their rooms and adding their own stylistic flair, but it’s very important to be practical. To maximize space and to minimize clutter, if you plan on having bed decor, try to stick to one throw pillow. When you don’t make your bed before that 8 a.m. of yours, there is a good chance these decor pillows will find their home on the floor.

7. Shit tons of school supplies

School supplies are definitely a must, but you may want to wait until classes start before buying your notebooks, 20 highlighters, 40 Sharpies, etc. For many classes, professors recommend or allow students to use their laptops to take notes. Chances are, unless you are an art major you probably won’t be needing colored pencils and crayons.

8. Your Stanford shirt

This ones just obvious. Go Bears!

9. Bathing suits 

Bringing multiple bathing suits or bathing suits in general is something many freshman unintentionally pack. Unless you are a swimmer or an avid tanner, chances are you won’t be getting into your suit very often during the school year. If you want to be prepared for those occasional warm days by the Strawberry Canyon Pool, try only bringing one bathing suit. Chances are that will be all you need.

10. Your pet

You just can’t. Leave Mittens and Snuggles at home. We promise the Housing Administration and your roommate(s) will appreciate this. You will too when you don’t have to clean your cat’s litter box in your seven foot squared shoebox of a room.

We hope this comprehensive list helps you save money and space in your residence hall this fall. The Clog wishes you a great start to your fall semester!

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