Editor’s note: Mapping Berkeley

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It’s no secret that over the past few weeks, tragedy has occurred around the world. Two UC Berkeley students, among too many other civilians, have been the victims of terrorist attacks in Bangladesh and France; we carry them with love in our thoughts and hearts.

People from all around the world have found their homes in Berkeley. Even if you haven’t had the chance to travel abroad this summer, a closer look at our city’s DNA affords us the privilege of gaining perspectives from all around the world.

The hard work of resilient Latin American refugees humbles us with inspiration, Canadian kindness gives us hope in a better world, a Japanese American internment camp veteran shows us history from a different point of view and our city’s faithful activists remind us that no culture should go unignored.

North, east, south and west — you can find cultures from every direction here in Berkeley, a safe haven for them all.

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