Chalk graffiti targeting LGBT community appears on Telegraph Avenue, Sproul

Jake Fineman/Courtesy

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Chalk graffiti allegedly supporting the “straight liberation movement” and advocating a “straight-only safe space” appeared on parts of Telegraph Avenue and Sproul Plaza this week, according to UCPD Sgt. Nicole Miller.

The graffiti first appeared on upper Sproul Plaza on Sunday, according to campus senior Jake Fineman. Fineman said the graffiti included phrases such as “stop looking gay” and “straight liberation movement.”

Miller said UCPD was aware of the vandalism and had identified a suspect. She added that the incidents had been contained to Sproul Plaza and the intersection of Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue, and that campus police are following up on the incident.

After the graffiti was washed off Sproul Plaza, Fineman said, it reappeared the next day and extended down Sproul Plaza to include phrases such as “stop the gay and bisexual harassment of straight men.” The chalk graffiti has appeared every night since Tuesday, according to Fineman.

Fineman later reported the incidents on Thursday to the campus Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement, which has an online form for submitting hate crime reports to the UC system.

The center defines a hate crime as an illegal act motivated by bias or prejudice against a person or persons perceived to be part of a group, and includes group-targeting vandalism or graffiti located where it will be seen by members of the group.

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