Editor’s Note: Forging forward

It’s that time of year again: when schedules and responsibilities return despite the lingering feeling of summer. When the excitement of seeing old friends and making new ones is somewhat tempered by the start of classes and seeing the too-soon date of the first midterm. Larger problems loom as well. We reconvene on campus this fall as the campus struggles to deal with last semester’s sexual misconduct cases, an ongoing budgetary crisis and the recent resignation of Chancellor Nicholas Dirks.

While you can read about the current state of campus affairs within this issue, we also included a retrospective. Sometimes by looking to the past, we can see hope for the future. Former UC Berkeley students stood up to apartheid in South Africa and fought for their right to free speech. Despite the struggles the campus faces, the start of a new academic year is an opportunity for a fresh start to work toward a more positive future, as well as to find enjoyment in the present.

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