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AUGUST 26, 2016

Whether you’re entering UC Berkeley for the first time or returning for another year, it’s always a good idea to capture the moment on camera. Why not show off your great school with a brand new profile picture? UC Berkeley has a big and beautiful campus with plenty of great spots to capture the best moments of your semester. To help you out, here is a list of the five best places to take that brand new photo.

Sather Gate

Alexandre Bui/Staff

The gate that stands in Sproul Plaza is in the center of everything on campus. If you take your profile picture there, everyone will instantly know you are a proud Berkeley Bear. It also frames the pretty campus scenery in the background, which will catch the viewer’s eye. So, taking your picture there will show off both your school pride and your artistic ingenuity.

The Campanile

Alexandre Bui/Staff

This is probably the most famous landmark on campus. Also known as Sather Tower, the Campanile is the third-tallest bell and clock tower in the world. You can ride the elevator to the top of the tower to take a photo against the magnificent scenery. Or, if you’re afraid of heights, you could take a photo right in front of the tower — an equally impressive profile picture.

Doe Library

PC: Alexandre Bui (
Alexandre Bui/Staff

If you’re looking for a beautiful building on campus to show off your academic focus, look no further than Doe Library. The building has columns reminiscent of the temples of ancient Greece, with ornate designs engraved on them. Not to mention, when you’re facing the front entrance, the Campanile seems to be right beside the library. If you take your picture here, you are combining the two campus landmarks into one photo — it’s like killing two birds with one shot!

Botanical Gardens

Mikaela Raphael/File

If you’re a nature lover, then the UC Botanical Garden is the place for you. The Botanical Garden showcases plants from all over the world — South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and so many more regions. So why not take your photo surrounded by some of the rarest plant species in the world? Or, you can cross the street and take a photo in the Redwood Grove among some towering trees. Both would impress your Facebook friends.

The Big C

Alice Langford/Staff

From certain spots on campus, you can see a bright “C” on top of a hill, somewhere off in the distance. That is the Big C — it’s a concrete “C” that’s built into the hill behind the Haas School of Business. If you make the climb up that enormous hill, you’ll be rewarded with a view that is definitely the best in the city. Even though the hike is admittedly tiring, the number of likes you will get on your stunning profile picture will make it all worth it — that is, if you’re not sweating your eyes out!

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AUGUST 26, 2017