Quiz: How should you deal with awkward meetings?

Mary Zheng/File

As you see an acquaintance or distant friend approaching from 50 feet away, you quickly shift your gaze to the other direction, avoiding the acknowledgment until you’re in closer proximity. As they come closer you realize that you’re going to have to decide to go in for the hug, the “halfie” (halfway hug) or no hug at all. We all experience these uncomfortable situations as we return to school for the fall, but we at the Clog can help you to de-stress those awkward back to school run-ins with this quiz.

  1. How many times have you met this person?
    1. once
    2. 2-4 times
    3. 5+ times
  2. Are you usually in a rush while walking to class?
    1. Yes. Don’t interrupt me while I’m power walking to class listening to my sweet Spotify playlist. Plus, I’m usually running late.
    2. I walk relatively fast, but usually get to class before Berkeley time.
    3. I’m a slow and social walker. I usually don’t have my headphones in and say hi to people as I’m walking on Sproul.
  3. What statement best fits the mood you are in?
    1. “People suck.”
    2. “Today was irrelevant.”
    3. “I’m walking on sunshine, woah! And don’t it feel good?”
  4. Where did you meet this person?
    1. In my discussion section last year.
    2. At a party.
    3. Through a mutual friend.
  5. How far away were they when you made eye contact with them?
    1. 10 feet
    2. 20 feet
    3. 60 feet
  6. Do you have this person’s phone number?
    1. Nope.
    2. I don’t have the digits, but I follow them on some other form of social media.
    3. Yes!
  7. What kind of setting are you in?
    1. In a crosswalk on Telegraph.
    2. In a crowded hallway or Sproul Plaza.
    3. In a restaurant.
  8. Did you keep in touch this summer?
    1. No, I couldn’t tell you about their summer if you paid me.
    2. I have a general idea of what’s going on with them.
    3. We talked pretty frequently throughout the break.
    1. The hug might be a little aggressive for the relationship you have with this acquaintance. Perhaps go in for the warm wave and smile instead. This tends to go over a lot smoother with distant friends.
    2. The halfie is the perfect compromise for you. Either you don’t know this person too well or you’re in a super crowded setting, the “halfie” tells a person you are genuinely excited to see them without the full on statement of a full-fledged hug.
    3. You’re ready for the full on hug. Open those arms wide and squeeze tight.

All jokes aside, just read the situation and do what makes you feel comfortable. Best of luck to everyone with their awkward reunions with distant friends and acquaintances during your first few weeks back in Berkeley!

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