100-year-old Berkeley Hills mansion to hit market at $7.5 million

Sotheby's International Realty/Courtesy

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Those in the market for a stately abode in the Berkeley Hills are in luck, with a 12,00-square-foot mansion soon coming on the market — at the price of $7.5 million.

Built in 1914, the more than 100-year-old house is “quite a rare gem,” according to Herman Chan of Sotheby’s International Realty, which listed the property. The original floor plan of the seven-bedroom, six-and-a-half-bath mansion, Chan said, has been largely left untouched. He reassures, however, that recent updates — including a fresh coat of paint and a colossal glass skylight to the property present the beauty and potential of the historic mansion.

“This is an old dame, I wanted to give it a makeover — get her hair did and put her in a little black dress,” Chan said. “It needed that glamorous look again. … It’s the same building, but we just dolled it up and made it more digestible to a modern consumer.”

The property is expected to be on the market next month, Chan said, and can currently be viewed by invitation only. According to Chan, a nearby property designed by the same architect recently closed for about $4.5 million and was significantly smaller on an even smaller lot.

Chan said when the owner John Park first bought the property in 2005, he had been living nearby and jumped at the chance to own the Beaux-Arts style building. But Chan said Park soon moved to Los Angeles, and there were many years he didn’t stay at the property.

Though Park has attempted to sell the Spring Mansion — named after its original owner John Hopkins Spring — twice before, Chan is hoping that the third time’s a charm. Located at 1960 San Antonio St., the property sits on a 3-acre lot and has expansive views of the Bay Area.

“It’s something (for) someone who has a lot of passion for architecture and heritage and legacy, and wants to come in … and take on this project,” Chan said.

Chan said he anticipates the new owner will view Spring Mansion as a piece of art, and will put in the necessary care to bring the mansion back to its former grandeur.

“And hopefully those owners have deep pockets,” he said with a laugh.

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