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Cool jobs near Berkeley you just haven’t heard of yet

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SEPTEMBER 02, 2016

Now that it’s September, it’s getting harder and harder to find a job. Sometimes it seems like all the good ones have been nabbed up. But in reality, there are tons of odd jobs out there if you know where to look. Luckily, we at the Daily Clog have done the looking for you. Here are a few of the coolest jobs we could find near Berkeley:
Ice guard — Oakland Ice Rink, Oakland
For anyone who is mildly coordinated on blades over frozen water and enjoys picking grown adults up from fallen dignity, this is the perfect job for you. Skate guard duties include monitoring all open skating events, helping out with boot rentals, administering first-aid and, if you’re lucky, driving the Zamboni. The Oakland Ice Rink is also accessible by both BART and bus so the commute isn’t too tough. If you love the cold and you want to get a good, fun workout in everyday on the clock, this is a great option.
Host/waitress/bartender — Trader Vic’s, Emeryville
Restaurant jobs are just fun — plain and simple. If you’ve ever watched a movie where the actors go to one of those classy cocktail bars that must exist somewhere even though you’ve never been classy enough to find one yet and thought “if only I could work there,” then look no further. Trader Vic’s is a loosely Polynesian-themed bar and lounge named after Vic Bergeron, the guy who created the Mai Tai. They specialize in exotic cocktails, but also serve posh international appetizers and chic cosmopolitan entrees. Rumor has it that all servers have to wear all black — so you get to look sleek as hell.
Cabin service — San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco
If you love the smells of forgotten luggage and pre-prepped airplane meals, then apply to be a cabin service member for the Aircraft Service International Group. Airplanes don’t clean themselves, and in this job, you’d be the one to do it. As a cabin service member, you’d be responsible for picking up all forgotten trash, rearranging the seats nicely and folding and distributing blankets and other comfort items throughout the airplane. Basically, you’d be the one who makes sure everyone boarding the plane is going to have a good time. If you’d have a good time doing that, fill out an application.
Mitzvah MC — Verducci Event Productions & Level Up Entertainment, Berkeley
The title really says it all. With Verducci Event Productions, you could work as a DJ and MC at all Mitzvah-related events. This job is your gateway to everything involving entertaining fun crowds of all ages at primarily Jewish cultural events. Other than planning set lists and reading the crowd, your responsibilities would include setting up lighting and working the photo booth — so the aesthetic of the party would be completely yours. If you have a flexible schedule and experience with Mitzvahs, this job could be perfect for you.
On-call cafe host — Pixar, Emeryville
Yes, you read that right — little ol’ you could work at Pixar and fulfill all your childhood dreams. Though this is a full-time job, it might really be worth a gap year. As the cafe host, you will be taking Pixar employees’ food orders, fetching the food and bringing it all right back. You know you love food, and you’d get to deliver it at Pixar, which you probably also love. You could interact with some of the people who designed “Up” and “Finding Nemo.” You could have a desk and access to sets of some of the most famous behind-the-scenes water fountain chats. Did we mention it’s at Pixar?
Good luck with the hunt. Roll on, you Bears.
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SEPTEMBER 07, 2016